Day of the Dead Blog Roundup

I have all but 2 bloggers photos. Missing is Felt with Love designs skull ornament
and Two Novembers sugar skull onesies and sign made. 
This was such a great first blog tour! I really could not have made it happen without these incredible bloggers, and it made me so happy to read their stories of learning and embracing Dia de los Muertos. I am excited that there was a culture introduction that some may not have known about, and even more so is knowing that this is encouraging a new tradition with some of you. Thank you to all you amazing contributors, and of course thank you to everyone who read along, and huge thank you to the sponsors for contributing some patterns for the giveaway!
I am sorry to be bringing you the round up a day late, but my internet was being spotty for some reason. I am assuming that it was not fond of the weather change in time for Halloween and Dia de los Muertos. So now you get to see a little bit of the festivities from my eyes, at night time with a camera phone, so sorry in advance for the low quality pictures. 

But first, let us recap and thank the bloggers!

Day 1 brought us this felt sugar skull ornament from Felt With Love Designs. It was a beautiful and simple project with free pattern that is great to do with the littles while teaching about this holiday.
Day 2 brought 2 bloggers, From a Box with a stunning apron and marigold pomoms and then Paisley Roots with a sweater and story about her deceased family members.
Day 3 was from someone with an abundance of Dia de los muertos crafts, Crafty Lady Abby and she showed how to make very intricate papel picado.
Day 4 was 2 more bloggers again, Sewing Sober made a beautiful dress incorporating some of the color symbolization and a special story about her stepmom, and we have Two Novembers who made onesies for her baby #3 and a sign for a friends wedding.
Day 5 features both Handmade Boy with her daughter’s beautiful dia de los muertos inspired costume and Ginger House Designs with a tutorial on how to make marigold flower headbands.
Day 6 was Call Ajaire turn, and she made this beautiful cat inspired sugar skull, with a free printable.
Day 7 was my last guest, Lulu & Celeste, who showed how to make a beautiful satin flower headband that can be embellished on anything.

A HUGE Thank you to these amazing sponsors!!
One lucky winner won 5 patterns from them!
Giveaway sponsors: 

My project was taking longer than expected because we had some problems this past week. I also finally discovered why I have been sleeping through my alarm! Thanks 3 year old messign with my phone settings!

I will be showing you a peek at the doll that I am making. There will be a free pattern and tutorial. It is just taking much longer than expected to get it all together.  She is a softie, named Amor, and is a heart shaped inspiration because Dia de los Muertos is all about love and memory, so what better way to symbolize that. I can’t wait to show you her all finished and see what you make.

Now here are a few photos from the Dia de los Muertos we attend in Downtown Riverside every year. Prior to that, we were trying to get to the cemetary in Whittier to see my husband’s mother (on her birthday) but were stuck in traffic for an hour and a half only to get to the gates at 4:05 ti be told the cemetery was closing early due to their own Dia de los Muertos (and badly traffic controlled) event. My poor husband was devastated since we live an hour and half away from it so it was a 3 hour drive to be turned away. I am happy we attended the Riverside event as I think it gave him a chance to leave her a message at the community altar and feel a sense of peace while looking at all the beautiful altars made by their families.

Community altar where candles are lit, pictures are left and notes are left to family. 
One of the altars inviting members of the community to pray for their own family and light an incense. 
I didn’t get photos of the whole set up, but this altar had amazing pieces that were all items salvaged from trash and made into beautiful pieces of art. This one was painted and lit up with a black light. 
One of our favorites things we look forward to at the event is the Catrina pageant. The put so much art into their outfits from the clothing to paint to accessories. It is beautiful living art. 

I have been waiting all year for this when I didn’t have the money last year, and I am so glad because the authors and illustrators were there this year so we got the book signed. This beautiful book is both in English and Spanish, and tells the story of Dia de los Muertos through the eyes of a little girl named Conchita, who is getting ready for her twin sister, Rosita, who she is remembering on Dia de los Muertos. It is a beautiful story, that choked me up a bit, but a wonderful way that tells the story to children.

Rosita y Conchita by Erich Haeger and Eric Gonzales. They have also started a cartoon series you can see called Muertoons. There is another book I want to get, but it may be a little harder for me to get through since my Dad is no longer alive. It is called Paquito y Abuelito. These books have beautiful and vibrant illustrations, and it is also a great tool to introduce some spanish (or english) to them.

Thank you for being reading along my tour, and visiting the bloggers. I hope you enjoyed the journey a little bit, learned something, and are encouraged to find your own tradition to remember your loved ones.

Stay Rebellious!

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