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I am here on the Everyday Tank tour from Serger Pepper and decided that I needed to use that cool tank to make a sports style training bra. My daughter is 8 years old, and I am trying to ease her into getting used to wearing the dreaded bra. I think I still have some time, but I am old school in getting them used to the idea.

This pattern is one of those easy and effortless staples that you will use time and time again. I have used it for tank, for school shirts, dresses, nightgowns. There are so many uses, and since it is great for scraps and upcycling, it is a very resourceful pattern. It is in layers so you can print multiple sizes if you need to account for different measurements, or just print the size (sizes) you need. The instructions gives lots of options so that you can finish a number of ways. It is also a great pattern to introduce you to knits. It does it in a very welcoming way.

So for this, I cut the pieces at the smallest waist line and used the size 5 tank to get a good fit. I lined the front center piece to give extra coverage for the “girls”. The remaining pieces, I only cut the amount stated. I used fold over elastic for all the bindings. which worked for a tight, comfortable fit with a pop of color.

I also made the Big Girl briefs to match the training bra in the high waist version. I was keeping true to a classic little girl’s fit, so full coverage training bra and full coverage underwear. It keeps it young and fresh, while still modest. I used the size 6 in the underwear. PERFECT FIT! Seriously amazing! My daughter was so excited, and mama was ecstatic to be stepping up my sewing game. Forgive me for not showing off my little cutie in her new underwear, but that is wear I draw the line for the  internet. Unfortunately, I don’t feel safe showing off the fit of clothing on her bum and chest, but you will have to trust me 😉

This combo would also be great for a bikini, or use the tank length and make a tankini. This is an endless pattern as you will see throughout the tour. There is a code for the tour: BLOGTOUR40 giving you 40% off entire cart through 11/9. It is valid in Serger Pepper Shop and my Etsy.

Monday, 3rd

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Jessica @ Snickerdoodle Stew – Pam @ Threading My Way

Tuesday, 4th

Scary/Al @ Shaffer Sisters – Amy @ Sews N Bows – Melissa @ Rebel and Malice
Deanna @ Sew Mc Cool – Lisa @ Cucicucicoo
Wednesday, 5th
Terra @ Mama Says Sew  – Nichole @ Bluebird and the Boy – Ajaire @ Call Ajaire
Sara @ Made By Sara – Annemieke @ Sofilantjes

Thursday, 6th

Bethany @ Two Novembers – Joy @ xoxo Grandma – Courtney @ Sweeter Than Cupcakes
Olga @ Kid Approved – Cassie @ Lily Shine Boutique

Friday, 7th

Becka @ Probably Crafting  – Nienke @ Pienkel – Renee @ Two Many
Shelly @ Coral and Co. – Michelle @ Falafel and the Bee

Saturday, 8th

– Bethany @ Wildflower Child Create – Jennifer @ Diary of a MadMama – Sabra @ Sew a Straight Line
Daniela @ On The Cutting Floor – Suzanne @ Winter Wonderings

Sunday, 9th

Magda @ House of Estrela – Shino @ Nutta – Jonie @ Knot Sew Normal – Kara @ Sweeter Than It Seams

There is a rafflecopter giveaway to win a copy of the pattern, so be sure to enter! The rafflecopter giveaway will be running from 11/02/14 12 am through 11/10/14 12 am GMT. If you purchase the pattern, and then win it from the giveaway, Irene will give you the choice of another pattern or $10 credit for her shop through 2015.

Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to check all the other bloggers!
Stay Rebellious!

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