Blaverry Blog Tour

I was so excited when Deb of Sprouting JubeJube asked me to be on this blog tour. I love the collection from Blaverry, but have been waiting until money is better or I really need something (which truly, I don’t NEED any patterns since I have an abundance) If you haven’t heard of them yet, you need to see her collection. There is a nautical collection that is gorgeous, and the Ansley Shirt/Dress is the latest pattern she has put out.

The patterns have a timeless and classic look to them. I am more of a modern and classic person, than I am frilly and girly, so these patterns speak to me. They are also great pieces for you if you have a tween, since they tend to like more mature pieces and her patterns go up to size 14.

I knew I wanted to make this for my oldest daughter, who is 8, when I found out about the tour. I asked her to pick what she wanted and she went with the 3/4 sleeve hi-low hem dress. I couldn’t decide on collar or not. I had a vision of an updated grunge look once I spotted this flannel shirting in my stash. I opted for no collar, but decided to play with a deep purple chiffon. I cut the back pattern piece and added 1/2 in to each side cut to make the back piece. I cut 2 pieces of the flannel for the front and the back so that the chiffon would be sandwiched in for a professional finish. I also made the sleeves out of chiffon. i was thinking of different hacks to do to the sleeve, but decided to finish it with a bias tape inside. I only put buttons on the bodice, and left the skirt enclosed. I covered the buttons with silver studs for an added edge. I also did the bias hem, but I folded the bias in half, sewed it on the right side, then iron it back so it looks like a slip.

The overall look was not that pleasing to me at first. It was looser than what I am used to, and it took a bit of styling and staring for me to decide if I liked it or not. I think it was the combination of being a loose style and the shirting felt kind of drab by itself in that style.

TIP: If you have slim or small children, check measurements and you probably want to go one size down. My children all run on the small size, so they all wear 1-2 sizes smaller than their average age. I already went according to size she measured in, and I probably could have gone another size down for my daughter since this pattern is a bit big for the slim child. It is already a relaxed fit pattern, and I tend to forget that slim children do not need it as relaxed as average children.

The pattern has illustrations that make it easy to follow, but this is not a beginner pattern, I would consider it a beginning intermediate pattern. A confident beginner may take it on, if they take their time.

The pattern is size 9m-14. It features 6 sleeve options, 3 neck options, 4 skirt/dress &shirt options, and 3 hem options. Overall, that leaves you tons of possibilities to go throughout the seasons. And You can probably get a couple of years out of the dress with the relaxed fit 😉 It calls for buttons or snaps. It also features layers so that you can print only the sizes needed. The pattern is very easy to read if you print all sizes though.

My finished product with the fit, length, hem felt very Japapnese, so if you love that loose style, this is definitely a pattern for you to play with. It grew on me with the right style. Baggy grunge style on a girl needs hip hair and some boots 😉

Time for a photo overload. She is starting to have WAY too much fun being a Diva-I mean, child model.

Use coupon code is “ILOVEBLAVERY10” to be used at checkout for a 10% off during the blog tour at Blaverry Etsy

You will want to see all the versions that are being made up. 4 different versions a day through the 7th!!! That is a lot of ideas!

November 6th
November 7th
FrenchieSewOutOfControl Made by SaraDaisy Chain Creations

Thanks for stopping by. Here are the consequences of being a blogger’s child: Outakes!

Stay Rebellious!


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