Hairdresser on Fire

And you’re always busy, really busy. Busy, busy, oh, oh, hairdresser on fire”

I am a music fan, big music fan, and one of those music obsessions that has continued into adulthood is The Smiths, Morrisey, MOZ. Now it may or may not be a thing because I am 1) a native Southern California who went to high school in the 90s and 2) I am part Mexican. If you grew up out here around the time, you know it. It may also have a bit to do with my musical choices as an adult, clothing I am drawn to,but that is a story for another day. Don’t worry, I was definitely not a bore haha!

The reason for this spiel? Well, did you notice the obscure title? I have been so busy with Halloween and helping with pattern testing, that my own creative process has been stalled a bit. I don’t mind at all, however, I am super busy in the coming weeks YAY! so I am going to highlight some of my triumphs including the other 2 costumes from Halloween in one post. I have some ideas in mind and am still working on my doll. I WILL finish that. The tutorial is going to take a bit of work though. 

So important things first: Patterns tested that I CAN share now!

This tunic pattern features short sleeves with a bow shoulder detail, an exposed zipper and a hi low hem. It is trendy, modest and perfect for all ages, but especially so for tweens. The sizes 12m-12y and it is very easy to follow. I especially love the way she has you install the zipper. 

I used a light rose star print voile with a gray chambray. The color combination was perfect and had that right amount of modern for my girl who is growing too fast. The zipper makes a beginner intermediate, but her instructions will put you right at ease. 

You can find Golden Rippy here: WebsiteFacebook PinterestInstagram 

The Next pattern I tested was another one from Tigerlily Patterns who made these cool Crocodile Pants/Shark Shorts. Totally awesome if you have boys, since boys need cool patterns that aren’t just basics and also great for the girls who are nature enthusiasts, or just really cool girls 😉 

These are perfect for some fun festive shorts, pants, pajamas, boxers, etc. You can make so many things. Seriously, how adorable would these be for Christmas PJ’s? 

The sizes of this pattern are 3y-12y. It features layers so that you can choose just the size you need. You can make shorts or pants. It works great for for both boys and girls. The contrasting piece is an appliqued piece, which they walk you through. The pattern finishes fast and you will want to make tons for everyone. I love the fun and simplicity of this pattern. 

For the pants, I wanted a small ruffle so I added 2 small ruffles and some silver rick rack to give some fun girly Christmas cheer. My daughter loves them! She is now on the non stop talk about Christmas. 

You can find Tigerlily Patterns here: WebsiteFacebookInstagram


You saw what I did for Amelie’s costume HERE with Maleficent, but I had 2 more to make. One child got into so much trouble that he didn’t get to do Halloween. I know mean mommy. Biggest child thought he was too grown up for dressing up and I was doing the last costume still right before we walked out the door because somebody wanted to be all up on Mommy. 3 year olds! So fickle!
Girl #2, my over the top 5 year old, was Queen of Hearts- Tim Burton version, of course. I, decided to take this task as a challenge to see how close I could get to the actual movie costume. This meant pleating/pintucks, a fake corset with individual cording, hand stitching rhinestones and beads, sewing individual details on the sleeves, a stiff removeable collar since I made the opening in the back and hand painting the hearts on the underskirt. Oh, and the crown, I used decoupage glue to stiffen the crocheted lace so I could form a small gold crown, attached a clip and then attached the jewel. The insane thing about this project is that I only bought the jewels, cording, lace and tulle to get the fishnet look on the sleeves. I had all the other fabric on hand. Crafters! Our husband’s hate our addiction until they get an expensive costume practically free!
Maleficent made me feel like rockstar, but this costume made me realize that cosplay is an addiction that I have willingly become a part of. Uh oh, world, we have a problem!
Movie version
My version
She adored her costume, and seeing her face light up was worth the 2 days I worked on it. 
The last costume queen was not a queen at all, or a villain, but 3 year old’s want certain things (thankfully NOT Elsa) and so you try to get them to narrow it down. She was requesting a pop princess bit where she was Twilight Sparkle, then What Does the Fox Say, then Sally from Nightmare before Christmas, but I managed to say no to 3 costumes and make 1. Hers was the easiest, yet most tedious because it required ears, a born, a tail, wings. I used the patterns from Sugar Tart Crafts for the ears, horn and wings. You have no idea how thankful I was for those. I used a yet to be released dress pattern to make a quick fleece dress for her base, threw some purple leggings on under with her go to boots, and used the Filles a Maman beanie to attach everything to. Then I made an elastic cased belt with the tail attached to it and an applique of Twilight Sparkle. She wears it everyday! 
I would call Halloween a success, even with the testing I was doing, blog tour I was running and just over all chaotic life. Look forward to much more chaos and creativity to come in the next few weeks. 
Stay Rebellious!

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