Ellie Inspired Holiday Blog Tour

I was provided the pattern free to do the blog tour, but opinions stated are all my own. 

I love being able to sew for boys, especially since I don’t do it often. So when I was given the opportunity to do the Ellie Inspired blog tour, I said of course. I decided I needed to try the Polar Express  Peacoat, and Wow is that pattern jam packed with information and technique.

This pattern goes from sizes 1-16. There are pages for you to find your size needed. The pattern itself, has lots of information and directions, depending on how advanced and polished you want to get. It is not a beginner pattern, but definitely walks you through all the steps in an easy to understand manner. I did have one issue, but I am not sure if that is due to my son growing. The sleeves were too short. I double checked my pattern piece to make sure I cut the right size. It was correct. So that is something I am addressing with her, and it may just be that my son has freakishly long arms. I ended up adding some cuffs for right now to add length, but will go back and fix it properly later.

I shortened the length about 4 inches, and slimmed the width down to a size 6 based on his measurements (from his normal size 10) I used a plaid wool blend, and lined with a red flannel for that color pop I love seeing in linings. Now that I know how to assemble everything it probably will cut my time in half. With the hand sewing and tailoring, it took me about 6 hours from start to finish.

I love the finish of the coat. It feels timeless and professional. I will definitely make another, and just make sure I double check all the measurements for my son.

You can see that I need to redo one of the buttons. Oops!

Be sure to check the other bloggers on the tour to see what other items are being sewn for winter.

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Day 5: Rebel and Malice | Lulu & Celeste

And You can go to Ellie Inspired on EtsyFacebook– and join the Facebook Group

Thanks for stopping by.

Stay Rebellious!

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