New to You: A Giving Christmas

I am really excited to be a part of this series for the holiday season that Paisley Roots is hosting. It is all about teaching our kids to be giving for the holidays. I personally think that, especially with the preschool age, it is a natural thing for kids to not be as understanding about giving as we are. They are just gaining independence and are learning how to express it, so giving is definitely something that comes more with time. Now, the other thing about the holidays is we are people pleasers as the parents, and who doesn’t light up from seeing the joy on their face when they love their gifts. So it is hard to find that middle ground as we get caught up in making sure our children have a holiday full of memories.

Giving should be taught all year round, because like I stated earlier, it is not easy to learn. But the holidays can be an especially hard time for people because of money, loss of friends and family, and tons of other issues. Those of us who are lucky enough to purchase gifts for our children with no assistance are very lucky to be able to give them that.

Since I know the holidays will bring more “stuff” in the house, I encourage my children to go through their toys and get rid of items they no longer use and are in good condition still. YES, my kids will try to give you the Barbie who is missing a leg or the car without wheels. Brats! They are getting better, but still a big learning experience. So this year I helped pick out Barbies for the girls to donate, had them clean them with some sanitary wipes and brush their hair our. Then I made Barbie dresses and a bag to go in. We plan on giving these to a local foster care agency to give those little kids who are away from their families.

My littles helped groom the dolls, picked out the fabric, and now we are waiting to find out who we can take them to. Needless to say, they are very excited to make another girl happy. Sometimes freshening up an item with love is just enough to get it ready for a new home!

Thanks Karly for having me on this giving tour! I am loving all the ideas being shown!

Have Happy Holidays!
Stay Rebellious!

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