Wave & Splash: KCW

Guess what day it is? If you guessed Hump day, you are very wrong sir or ma’am. Well, it is Groundhog Day, and I know, I know, many of you in the more northern areas hate this day. It looks like this year is the year or winter, or so the Groundhog says. Besides the hum glum day (which I am sorry, but my cold here in California is around 50 during the day) it is an exciting day for the sewing world. It is the kick off of Kid’s Clothes Week. I know many of you are super mega moms, but I am not. I am scatterbrained, forgetful mom which means my best work is always unorganized and hectic. However, I got my first outfit prepped last night during Super Bowl. WHATTTTTTTTTT?! Yes, I, Melissa, managed to get everything cut out for my outfit today. Thank you, Thank you! I am very proud of myself. I do have to say, blogging and deadlines has pushed me to do things I have never been that great with. I will always be cluttered and unorganized, but at least I can try to reign that horse in a little bit.

Since it is February, and we had Katy Perry. Yes, I adore Katy Perry! I may not have kissed a girl and liked it, or at least I will never tell, but I love her quirky style and she is the one pop artist that is not a guilty pleasure for me. Woah, run on sentence! She is a California girl too, and most of us California girls love the ocean. So it inspired me to do something sea-spired. I have way too any clothes waiting to be upcycled and this outfit consists of 3 shirts and elastic. I saw the sequins and beads on the peach shirt, and immediately thought of my spirit creature: mermaid. I also had this aqua t-shirt, and a white t-shirt. My inspiration was waves or scallops, so I created these wavy leggings combining the peach and aqua. Then I saved the top part of the bodice, created layered flutter sleeves that reminded me of seashells and made a little applique of a mermaid fin and shells. I added the aqua to make up for the fact that the original shirt was a low cut woman’s shirt, and used the original straps to ruffle the sleeve and attach in the middle of the back.

Oh, it feels so light and breezy. I wish I were at the beach right this moment. But I am not. I am in dirt, surrounded by Joshua trees. Oh well, daydreams continue. At least I have a pool???

Top: Upcycled from 3 shirts
Leggings: Jennuine Design Dressage Leggings (basic version) 

I look forward to showing you more of my inspiration because when you are cooped up in a hospital with a sick baby, you get all the pent up creativity to show.

Stay Rebellious!

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