Goldie’s Gonna Shake

If you do not know the name Taylor Swift, you have been living under a rock. Since she has infiltrated EVERY crevice possible, or so it seems. Now, since I have a 5 year old, she is beyond OBSESSED with Ms. Swift. Im fact, if you ask her, her name is “Waverly Taylor Swift.” With that being said, I knew I had the perfect candidate to make a Taylor Swift inspired outfit for Paisley Roots Shake it Off Contest.

My nickname for my little 5 year old, who is the same bubble baby who just got out of the hospital, is Goldie. So this gold little number was my inspiration

I did not, however, have any inspiration to make a gold track suit. I instead made this gold knit skirt and a gold sequin cardigan, with a white tank underneath. Perfect! She rocks it so well, even if it is a little mother of the bride.

I used the Rose Skirt pattern from Filles a Maman- no modifications and I used the V-neck cardigan from Peek a Boo Patterns. I modified it by making it 3/4 sleeve, round neck rather than v-neck and a tie closure. the tank was self drafted.

It was a fun look to create, and I admit, I am kind of obsessed with gold right now.

This skirt was chosen for the Most FUN Skirt Award in the Skirt Fixation Winter Skirts Awards 2015! What an honor!

Cardigan: Peek a Boo v-neck cardigan
Tank: self drafted
Skirt: Filles a Maman Rose Skirt

Because sisters have to take photos together when both wearing gold
Thanks for stopping by! You better be perfecting your shake it off moves!

This post contains affiliate links which means I earn a percentage of the sale if you click the link and make a purchase. 
The patterns used were based on my own opinions. 

Stay Rebellious.

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