Knock It Off Knock It Off

Testing patterns this week has enabled me to sew for Kids Clothes Week, just not able to share. So today I made the time to upcycle an old polyester duvet cover to make a knock off of a Stella McCartney Dress I have been drooling over.

The back of the dress is what really drew me in. Those of you in sewing land may be familiar with the Hummingbird pattern from Rabbit Rabbit Creations. It is one of favorite patterns because it goes together so easily and it can be so simple or fancy. So when I saw this Stella McCartney dress, I immediately knew that I could use the hummingbird pattern for my base. This pale yellow duvet was calling me to make this dress. I modified the dress by making it criss cross with a button closure and then it leaves an open back underneath. I also added white rick rack to the bodice and straps. 
I don’t know how well this fabric will breath, but it is beautiful and just how I envisioned it. 

Dress: Hummingbird pattern
Sandals: Target

Thanks for stopping by. I still have one more day of KCW that I plan on getting the most of. 
Stay Rebellious!


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