Never Miss a Beat

Life is always unpredictable, but especially around here. I was working on these 2 dresses as a second submission for the Shake It Off contest (OVER!) from Paisley Roots, but was too late due to life, family, drama, blahhhhhh! So I shook it off, OMG, did I just reference T Swift? and finished one and made the other today. They still go with the theme of Kids Clothes Week and are Taylor Swift inspired, so it felt like an excellent reason to share. Besides, you HAVE to see these photos. My girls were on fire today!

Oh my gosh! Do you see my title picture and this one?
That was completely unintentional!!

I used the Saffron Twirl pattern from Paisley Roots to make a dress version of the Ballerina outfit and the gray dance outfit. I modified the neck to be a deep scoop and then added a gathered panel. I added a strip in the back instead of the button closure. I used a gray t-shirt for the bodice and a old gray workshirt from my husband for the skirt. I had to put extra elastic in the back because the t-shirt made it too loose in the waist. But the end result came out like an everyday wearable version of the gray outfit.

For the white ballerina version, I used a pair of pants to make the bodice, an old shirt for the lining of the skirt, and a remnant for the over skirt. Then I attached sequin and a sweetheart sequin bodice to the top to replicate the ballerina bodice. I added band with elastic in it to replace the button closure. It definitely gave her the ballerina vibe. What little girl doesn’t love ballerinas, right? At least the girly girls.

Of course this would not be shake it off inspired without pictures of them together and without dancing… so let the dance off commence!

White dress: Saffron Twirl pattern modified
Gray dress: Saffron Twirl pattern modified
Sandals: Saltwater (red) and hand me downs?

Here is our dance party! Where is yours?
Stay Rebellious!

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