Haven Acres Collection with Hi-Low Hack

I love testing patterns. You all know that. When my daughter got sick, that kind of messed up my testing mojo… BUT I managed to finish, even if it ended up a bit over the top. The end result was a crazy 8 year old loving all the gold with a mom saying “Oh my, what have I created?” The great thing is each piece managed to hold it’s own individually. If you don’t take risks, you never know what works, right?

Well, I had to redeem myself after that, and of course, wanted to show the different ways you can use this collection. The collection I speak of? The Haven Acres Collection from Jennuine Design. The collection is 3 pieces that your little one will love: riding pants inspired leggings that honestly fit like a dream. they are the best fitting leggings, and went through many version to perfect it in testing: Dressage Leggings. The sizes go from newborn all the way to 12 years. There are 2 rises to help accommodate the diaper booty for the younger sizes. It also includes the regular legging, as well as the dressage version. Once you make them, they go together so easily. It’s perfect for mixing prints, mixing types of knits for different textures, or color blocking. The second piece in the collection is Haven Acres blouse which is a relaxed blouse with an elastic waist, gather sleeves and short or long sleeve length. It features a keyhole button or tie closure. The smaller sizes have a button placket in the back. The sizes are newborn to 12 years. It pairs great with the leggings, but will look good with so many different pieces of clothing. The final piece in the collection is the Sweet Pea Cap. This sweet little cap will put you at ease at making a hat. This is only my 3rd time making a hat, and it was so easy. There are great tips and material recommendations that make it a sturdy and professional looking hat. Oh, did I mention they have the cutest little pony ears? I HAVE to make one for my 3 year old because she is obsessed with horses. And honestly, horses do not get enough love so now you see just how special this collection is, especially if you have a fellow horse lover. The cap comes in XXS to L, or 3 months to 12 and up. The large fit my adult head, so it would work as a great cap for adults if your circumference fits.

The details and fun you can have with this cap are endless. 

Yes, this gold ensemble seemed like a great idea in theory. She loves it though!

This was one of the later version. Not quite perfect, but almost there.
However, my daughter wears them at least once a week. 

The collection is on sale to celebrate thew new collection for 25% . You can buy the collection all together, or buy the pieces you want separately. I recommend the entire collection though 😉

So, I wanted to show you how you can modify the blouse for a slightly different look. You are going to use the flounce pattern piece to draft hi-low pieces. This gives some added length in the back to cover the bum for those bum shy or who just prefer longer shirts and it gives a fun, fresh way to get even more out of the collection.

Use whatever you use for tracing patterns. When I am making new pattern pieces, I like to use old wrapping paper to write one.

You will use the flounce piece to trace your pattern. 
Measure 3 inches down (or your desired side length) from the edge that will be the side, NOT the fold side. 
You will use that to draft a curve up to the other side. If you want the length a bit longer in the middle, you can decide that here. I added about 1/2 inch length to the middle. 

Your front flounce will look like this. after drafting. 
You now have your FRONT flounce piece. 

For the back flounce, you will use the flounce pattern piece again and trace around.
On the side with NO fold, you will measure down 3 inches again (or desired length) and you will measure down 5 1/2-6 inches down from the side WITH the fold. Draw your lines on both sides and create your curve from the longer side to the shorter side. This will create the low in the back. 

After you cut out the pieces on fold, you should have 2 pattern pieces that resemble this. You will assemble the shirt and flounce just like the tutorial tells you in the PDF. You will want to iron your hem to make it easy to sew, or bind with bias tape. Then you will have a subtle hi-low version of the blouse.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find this hack useful to get more looks out of the collection.

This posts contains affiliate links which means if you click a link and make a purchase, I may earn a percentage of the sale. The patterns were given free as part of the testing process, but the opinions are all my own. 

Stay rebellious!

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