Extraordinary Girl Dresses-Mini Hack

So many people love the long weekends. I used to when I worked. Now as a stay at home mom, if we have nothing planned, I just want to cry. My kids are at that stage where there is constant bickering. Fun, right? I mean, I never need to get pay per view because UFC is in my house on a daily basis, meaning in my living room, bedroom, even the bathroom. Why are these kids so nuts? Right, because we are family and that is what family does. Try to live together. 
Thank goodness for pattern tours and a chance to do another Mommy and Me look. So when I get a chance to sew, especially for myself, I jump on that on a weekend like this one. So I went to town on the Extraordinary Girl pattern from Filles a Maman. This pattern is available in both girls and women’s sizes. The sizes are 12m to 14 in the girls sizes, and then 0-20 in the women’s sizes. It is a lapped boatneck shirt and comes with an attractive hi-low shirt hem. It also has a fun pocket and panel on the top which enables you to have lots of fun with colors and prints. 
When I found out about the tour, I knew I had to try my hand at a dress hack. It just screamed Mad Men to me! I am going to give you a brief description of how I hacked mine into a dress because it was not as simple as I wanted since I am very hippy and pear shaped. J Lo, Nikki, All those other girls with their butts, they’ve got nothing on me haha!Anyways, since I was going for more of fitted pencil style, I had to measure where my hips were, waist and draft, and take in, and take in some more. I still need to perfect it a bit because I would like a kick pleat and full back adjustment to fit to my major back curve. You have heard of full bust adjustments. I have to do full butt adjustments. 
Here is a photo of what I did to create my pattern piece. I taped the 2 bust pieces together to create one piece. Then I taped to wrapping paper, and I measured how long I want the dress to be, which was about 35 inches from my neckbone. I added an additional inch for the hem allowance. To create this fitted dress, I kept the shirt the same for my bust and waist, then I graded the pattern out for my hips. Then as the skirt went down, I tapered in 2 inches to get more of a pencil fit. Since I also have a large hip and butt region, I also added a 3 in slight hi-lo hem in the back so that my dress appears to be the same length. 
I also created my own half-sleeve length. The options are 3/4 or full long sleeves. 
Brief look at what my pattern piece resembled. 
The end result was a fitted light yellow dress. I love the fit, but I still need to adjust more to accent my backside the way I envisioned it should. This is husband approved. 

Dress: Hacked Extraordinary Girl (Filles a Maman)
Shoes: Payless Shoes

For the little bit, I wanted to make her a dress well, but not like Mommy’s grown up dress. So I upcycled a sweater and tank tops to get that fun mod dress. I measured the shirt on her because the pattern piece was still a bit too long for the waist. Then I attached the skirt to the top. Easy peasy! Now she has her own cool mod look going on. For this look, the red was from the tank top, and I used it for the top panel, and the neck bands. The back and lower panel were from a black tank top. The sweater was what I used for the skirt, the sleeves and the pocket.

Dress: hacked Extraordinary Girl pattern (Filles a Maman)
Shoes: old Children’s Place

And we can’t have Mommy and Me without a few of us being all motherly bondy and stuff.

Of course, you want to see what everyone else has made in the tour so look away…. but first enter the amazing giveaway on rafflecopter.

bundle #1:
  • Filles a Maman 2 patterns winner’s choice
  • Sofilantjes – 1 pattern winner’s choice
  • Julie pattern by Muffin Head
  • AimeLea & Finn – 1 pattern winner’s choice
  • FABulous Home Sewn -1 pattern winner’s choice
  • Fancy Schmancy – 1 pattern winner’s choice
  • E+M Patterns – 1 pattern winner’s choice 

Bundle #2:

  • Filles a Maman 2 patterns winner’s choice
  • Sofilantjes – 1 pattern winner’s choice
  • Fancy Schmancy – 1 pattern winner’s choice
  • MCM Studio Designs – 1 pattern winner’s choice
  • MandyK Designs -1 pattern winner’s choice
  • Striped Swallow Designs – 1 pattern winner’s choice

If you don’t own this pattern yet, Filles A Maman has the girls’ pattern is $7.00 and the bundle of both girls’ and ladies’ is $13.00.  (This post contains affiliate links. Patterns were given free for blog tour, but opinions are all my own. )

Thanks for stopping by. Stay Rebellious (and good luck!)


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