Citron Amour

If you are not in one of the few sunny states, or places in the world, I am sure you are more than ready for some warm weather, sunshine, and less of the white stuff. I wouldn’t know, my high elevation town has decide not to get one little sprinkle of snow this winter and I am not as happy about the sun as other Californians are. I love snow in the “Southern Snow” type of way. Its fun, and nice to have on occasion, but let’s face it, shoveling, ice, chopping firewood…. not really my ideas of fun. 
So my favorite Canadian designer Filles a Maman is clearly tired of the snow, so she just released these two patterns: a sleeveless top (Amour Top) with a gorgeous drawstring poet collar and some beautiful shorts (Clemence Shorts) with a scallop detail on the front. They both go together beautifully, and give you a gorgeous and ultra-stylish finished look. 
Pattern Details: 
  • 12m-14y
  • Layers so that you can print only size(s) needed
  • Beautiful and clear illustrations
  • Easy to understand instructions while learning new techniques
  • Pattern level: Confident beginner
  • Designed for woven fabrics, but can be made in certain types of knits
Mel’s patterns are one of my favorites because she does not create the usual design. They are for the parent or child who is into fashion, and not looking for the usual staples. These patterns are no exception to that. The top is something very romantic and high fashion, couture even. These shorts will keep you above the trend and be a trendsetter of your own. My daughter loves her shorts, and is requesting many more. It also leaves a lot of room for improvisation if you want to switch out those scallops (but I wouldn’t) for ruffles, trims, etc. 
I made my initial tests in some random fabrics in my stash, and they are both ready to wear. So after I knew the test was good, I broke out my vintage yellow and white stripe fabric, and lemon print fabric. We needed some sun in our lives. And this outfit lights up the room. 

If you live in those warmer places, you want this now, and if you don’t, well, you still want it to let you bring some sunshine 😉
You can buy the bundle of the patterns together for $13, saving you $6 HERE, the Amour shirt for $6.95 HERE or the Clemence Shorts for $6.95 HERE through February 8th for the release of the patterns. And make sure you are a part of the Filles a Maman Facebook Group to stay on top of sales and new releases. 
This post contains affiliate links, but the opinions are all my own.
Patterns are received free for my participation in the testing process. 
Thanks for visiting my realm. 
Stay Rebellious! 

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