Try Something New: Paper Pieced Eiffel Tower

I have never quilted. I am intimidated by it. Yes, intimidated by quilting. I will construct clothes all day long, but get me to quilt? No way! I guess all the seasoned quilt makers make me feel inadequate. It is definitely an art all on it’s own. However, I see so many beautiful designs and know that I need to make some. My oldest daughter, Amelie, is all about Paris and France. It may be the fact that I gave her a french name , or that I constantly talk to her about Audrey Hepburn and Brigette Bardot. But the end result is a little 8 year old who love anything French.

So I have been seeing an Eiffel tower block, and knew I had to attempt it. I have a lot more to learn about paper piecing, especially since I tried to draw my own template to create the block. I am proud of what I ended up making. Since it was just to try, I am making it into a little throw pillow for her dolls. I am happy I tried it, and I now have another hobby of sewing that I want to learn more about.

This was a challenge to myself for Swoodson Says “Try Something New” monthly post. Now I need to figure out what I will be trying for April.

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I need to work more. I foresee LOTS of eiffel towers in my future. 

not so pretty on the inside, but that is called learning. 

Thanks for checking in on me! 
Stay Rebellious!

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