Greenstyle Creations: Katie Dress & Top

I have really been enjoying this year because I have been testing more patterns for me. It gives me a chance to do some selfish/self-care sewing, and I learn more about what shapes work for my shape. I also learn tons of new techniques, and what the best way to blend sizes is.

When I saw the testing call for the Greenstyle Katie Dress, it called to me, spoke to me, said give your firstborn child for me. Probably not that far, but really… this dress has the classic silhouette of the 40s that is designed to accent women’s bodies in an attractive way. Make Melissa feel Hot? Check! Hide post pregnancy flaw? Check! Almost effortless to make? Check! It really has all the arsenals necessary to give a look that looks like a million bucks that doesn’t take a lot of time and effort.

This is the first time I have tested with her, and she was great. There were quite a few pattern edits to perfect the process, and she was so attentive and supportive to all the women and their creations. Also, I swear, every single version and body type I saw during testing looked great in it. That is one hard feat when making patterns for women.

So here is the information for the pattern:
Sizes XXS-3XL
A-line skirt or pencil skirt
3 types of peplum: short, long or hi-low
Short or 3/4 sleeve length
No closures, no elastic
Designed for knit fabrics
Easy to understand instructions and clear illustrations
Measurements and fabric requirements are on main page to preview before purchase

I made 2 versions. I made the a-line dress since my hips are outrageous in comparison to my bust and waist with short sleeves and it fit me beautifully. I was worried my print would be too busy for the ruching detail, but it looked great. Then I made the peplum with the 3/4 sleeves in a solid polyester fabric and it was beautiful. I am actually going to be working on something else with this pattern over the next couple of weeks, but it requires quite a bit more fabric so you will have to wait your pretty little heads a while longer to see the surprise. Hint hint, it would be perfect for upcoming proms, weddings, etc.

You can get it for the sale price of $7 for a limited time HERE. That is definitely worth buying it now!

Thank you for stopping by! We all deserve to sew something pretty for ourselves.
Stay rebellious! 

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