Get Ready to See me on Top Stitcher!

Have you ever wanted to see if you could do well against another very worthy competitor? See if your skills could stand up to another? I don’t know about competition because competing has never been my driving force, but determination to finish a challenge is something I NEVER backdown from. If I set an idea in my mind, I will finish it.

So when Becca DuVal of Freenotion and Pattern Revolution for this new sewing competition where you are given a prompt, and a challenger to compete against, I knew I had to try to get in. So how perfect was it that me, the rock and roll rebellion child who thrives on free-spirit, emotion and being true to myself, was given the prompt of “Art Gallery” in the form of Stylist. This is my chance to be both a sewist and a fashion designer. All inspired by my favorite artist!!!

On March 10th, you can join me over at Pattern Revolution: Top Stitchers and vote for me. That competition on my left is the uber talented Alexis of My Sweet Sunshine. If you don’t know her work, you should. She is going to be some tough competition. It’s ok! It is the battle of the California Girls this week!

I can’t wait to show you what I created and what has inspired me!

Stay Rebellious!

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