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By now, you have had a chance to get to know my style. If you are a first time reader, THIS will give you a glimpse into my mind and life. Art has been and will remain one of my driving forces, as is music and reading.  I definitely feel like the true meaning of “artist” in a sense that all forms of creativity move me. So you ca imagine my excitement, then fear, then overwhelming feeling because this meant I had to channel my theme through one piece or artist. Once again, Becca of Freenotion and Pattern Revolution has put together a creative use of competing. Each week there are 2 bloggers dueling with a theme in mind which they must sew to. I am going against a very talented photographer, seamstress, business owner, you may know as Alexis Wright of My Sweet Sunshine. It is going to be some stiff competition and I am excited and scurred to see what she has come up with for this amazing challenge.  

The prompt that was given to us made me giddy and also made the ADD come into full effect. I wish I were good at narrowing choices, but I am not.Picking ONE thing has never been my strong suit, just see how long it takes me to shop, or pick a concert to go to, or pick a restaurant when I don’t have a particular craving. But this prompt did bring 2 artists to mind right away. Since I was a little girl, I have always been drawn to the landscapes and flowers of Georgia O’Keefe. Now that I am an adult, I appreciate them even more because they empower women and are a bit taboo. Then I was drawn to Salvador Dali. It makes sense, right? I love the fantasy, the surrealism, the meanings, and the picture within picture. I love when you can see many things within one piece.

My inspiration were these paintings: Georgia O ‘Keefe – Second O’Keefe  – Dali Santiago – Dali 2

I felt like this outfit was a true representation of me: soft and hard, mixing mediums, and translating my many feelings into one outfit. My daughter is in LOVE with this outfit. My husband was unsure of my choices at first, but when he saw it come together, he was in awe… so I accomplished what I set out to do. 

I was obsessing with the idea of leather pants, leather shorts, leather something. I knew it had to be better fitted since the blouse had volume, so I made asymmetrical pleated shorts modified from Filles a Maman Agathe & Theo pants (affiliate link). That was a little tricky and the asymmetrical pleat could have been more pronounced. I love the classiness of the ivory, but the harder exterior of using the vegan leather. I also made fringe ankle cuffs to wear, and metal headbands and a metal charm bracelet. It tied everything together without being over the top.

Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to vote for me HERE!! And as always, stay rebellious!

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