DIY Off Shoulder Top

Happy Game of Thrones Day. It feels like summer here in California, so I will gladly embrace a bit of Winter is Coming. In honor or Season 5, I finally made my off-shoulder top out of my hoarded tee.

This is a really simple tutorial that you can use to hack t-shirts you have or use a knit fabric of your choice.

T-shirt or yard of knit fabric.
sewing machine
For this pattern, you will need to draft a pattern to your measurements, or you can choose to make it straight up and down. I drafted with a fabric pencil on my t-shirt.
Measurements needed: 
To make the pattern, your first measurement needed will be the Armpit. Mine was 14, so I made a straight  line 7 inches from the fold of my shirt. For the armsyce, I made a small dot 4.5 inches down from edge of  top. The next measurement was the bust, which you divide by 4. Mine was 38 so I measure from the fold 9.5 to wear the mark is for the armscye. Then create a curve to make the armhole. 
Next measurement is the waist, which you divide by 4. Mine was 29, so I measured to around where my waist should hit (around 5 inches down) 7.25 inches. The last measurement needed is my high hip which is 40 and you divide that by 4. I measured across 10 inches. I used the hem of the shirt as the length. If you would rather have this fit more relaxed, you measure your bust, and then create a straight seam or aline it to be looser over your hips. 
For the shoulder strap, you need your shoulder measurement minus 5-7 inches, depending on stretch of fabric. My shoulders measured 43 inches, so I cut my strap 36 inches by 5 inches. 
You also need binding for your armholes, and that was 9 inches by 1.5 inches. You need 2 of these. 
This is what your pieces should look like cut out. You should also have your shoulder strap and arm bindings. 

Your shirt is finished, and you now have the perfect shirt to show off your favorite tees, look a little feminine while still covering up. And if you followed your measurements, it will fit like a glove. Who doesn’t like that?

I hope this tutorial made sense to you. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to share yours if you make one. 
Winter is Coming! You know nothing! Yes, this little rebel is so excited!
Stay rebellious!

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