Make Believe Week: Mailbag Tutorial

It is Make Believe week with GYCT, and I am so excited to be able to contribute something that works for all ages and both boys and girls. I was brought back to my childhood when we made everything pretend: fights, camping, movies, office, school, etc and then I remembered us making bags for each door, and then making fake letters and delivering them to one another. As we got older, these letters became less fake LOL.

Well, my 3 daughters and my younger son are ages 3-11 and love to pretend to play things. I am thankful for this in this over technical world. We put so much emphasis on teaching kids technology, and it does hinder the natural creativity a lot sometimes. As you can see, I am eternally a child. I love the magic, the unknown, and the whimsy. That is what is exciting, don’t you think?

You can click on the image below to see what all the other amazing bloggers have brought out for Make Believe Week. They really are incredible!


Image Map
So here is a rather simple tutorial. This is for a basic messenger bag and felt mail. 
Materials Needed:
Fabric (for bag, I used a twill) anything sturdy like canvas or duck. 
Felt for mail
Fabric or paint for MAIL
Sewing machine or needle and thread
Glue gun and glue stick
Now for the mail, if you want pretty mail, you can use your scrap fabric and sew together, then add a pretty stamp. I chose to do felt this time. 

Now you have your finished mailbag and mail. I only made 3 pieces of mail, and I need to make lots more because it was a hit with my girls! I hope this tutorial was helpful. Feel free to comment with any questions, and share yours when you make one. 

Thank you for stopping by my cave! I can’t wait to see what your dream make believe toy chest would include! 
Stay Rebellious!

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