The One With Regina Phalange

Have you heard of Sew The Show? It is a monthly sewing series by Alida Makes inspired by popular tv shows. I love the challenge, especially to sew for myself. Now the obvious fashion choice is Rachel, but I hardly ever relate to the popular vote. My husband, being the awesome creature he is, said to channel Ross because he is the best character. That was a big fat Nope! Sorry! Not happening dude! So I went with my personal favorite, Phoebe. Oh Phoebe, she is the quirky off-kilter one. You know with her one-of-a-kind funky style, and eclectic ways. Why wouldn’t I choose her?

I do thrift style well, but don’t do bohemian. It just isn’t my thing. So I channeled the funky style of her mixed with things I would find in the 90s. Colored tights, a striped mini skirt (more age appropriate) and a cropped tee with a cat face. An ode to “Smelly Cat” For some reason, it feels like stuff a modern Phoebe would wear. Yes, I was in High school in the 90s, but I don’t like going back to the 90s. Or the 80s. Yikes!

It was a lot of fun to sew this, and definitely had me rehash some of my favorite Phoebe moments. Like her favorite fake name, Regina Phalange. You have to go check out the linky party to see what the other ladies have made.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed my trip back to my late teens. It is going to be fun embarrassing my kids with my still crazy style now that I have a teenager.

Stay Rebellious!


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