Blogiversary Tour- Bella Sunshine Designs

Today is a super special day. Do you know what that day is? It is National Roast Leg of Lamb Day. I know, I know, it is very hard to contain the excitement. But really, it is my blogiversary, and since I so negligently ignored this day last year, I decided that this year must be celebrated as big as someone small fry like me can. So I got a little( a LOT) of help from some of the pattern designers who have helped make this year become possible with their blog tours, pattern tests and overall kind of obsession with their patterns.

This means I have a week long tour showcasing 7 PDF pattern designers that I have worked with and some of their patterns. Narrowing it down has proved to be quite hard for me. This is why I will always be the obscure girl because favorites are not for me.

These designers has also so graciously donated patterns for a big giveaway so don’t forget to enter the rafflecopter below to win 1-3 patterns from each pattern designer.

So DAY 1 is an introduction to Bella Sunshine Designs. She is the freshman of the group, but has already proven to that she is eager to bring great patterns to the pdf world. You can find one of my posts about her Holiday Cutout pattern HERE. Her first pattern, which is one of 3 I have tested for her, is the Holiday Cutout Top & Dress. I love this one because it explains how to create fun shape cutouts to be festive all year long. A great layering piece or summer piece. We will be using this one a lot in the summer since we suffer through long summers.  Facebook – Facebook Group– Instagram – Website

You can also try her Banded Skirt pattern, a free simple skirt pattern, that offers both pattern pieces and measurements. It is a great introduction to a new-to-you designer to see how their tutorial style and pattern drafting appeals to you.

So today, I brought an outfit using the Holiday Cutout pattern and the Bow tie leggings. I created the top and shorts since we need summer clothes here. It was very easy to blend sizes for my skinny little 5 year old. Since my daughter is so tiny, I used the smallest cutout and put it up a bit higher to make sure she didn’t have too much gaping since it is a pull over the head style. This shirt? Buttery soft peachskin fabric and the shorts were a black and sequined t-shirt so that my kids actually have items of clothing that they can mix and match. Bad sewing mama habits forming.

Both of these patterns go together in less than an hour each and can be modified in a variety of fits and lengths. The sizes available are 12m-10y and she does have layers so you can print only the sizes you need.

I may also be partial to Melissa, because she is named Melissa, and she picked my design to draft into a pattern sometime in the near future. I mean, great minds, right? Ok, I will try to stop with the narcissism.

Thanks for joining me and checking out some pattern designers who I have had a great time creating a friendship with. Don’t forget to enter the rafflecopter and come back tomorrow to see the next pattern designers, possible hacks and more chances to enter.

Stay Rebellious!

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