Bundle Up Tour: Ginger Top

So you want to build a bundle? Of course you do! We fanatics in the sewing world have needs and addictions we need to fulfill. At least these aren’t the dangerous kind, right? I mean, art helps curb insanity, doesn’t it? I try not to ask around here since they think I am nuts 99% of the time.

When I got the chance to blog about this Women’s Bundle Up, I knew I wanted to make the Ginger from Violette Field Threads as soon as I saw that pretty little photo. Have you seen my blog? It is so me! I know, way to go outside my comfort zone.

Pattern details: 
Sizes 0-16
5 pattern pieces! I love minimal pattern pieces
Easy to understand tutorial
Darts for bust. Lined bodice
Zipper closure
Circle skirt or peplum

Now, I had one mishap. It was not the patterns fault, it was mine. I have some health issues going on which has put me in a haze and I cut my back piece too small. The remedy? I made an elastic cased panel to just slip on so that I didn’t have to piece the bodice together. I barely had enough for that. Luckily, it still fit beautifully. Don’t worry though, the zipper installation is so easy to understand. Once you sew zip, you never want to go back.

One of the most flattering features about this pattern are the waist tabs. It creates a belt effect and makes that waist look small and hourglass, just how rockabilly should be. You will feel beautiful and saucy and want to snap a “I feel like a fox” selfie like me. It’s ok, we are allowed to feel like that. don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Today is also the LAST day to bundle up, and you can get all 11 patterns for $44, making them just $4 a piece, or bundle at least 6 to get them for $4.50 each. It is May, which is a month to celebrate sewing for ourselves and to celebrate mothers so make sure to take care of yourself and sew something for YOU! Purchase the patterns HERE!

If you want more inspiration for the bundle, check out the other bloggers and their version.

Thanks for stopping by! 
Stay rebellious!

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