Punk Rock the Master of Rebellion

How incredibly exciting it is to be a part of Top Stitchers again. I feel like the prompts truly speak to me and my passions. First art, now rebellion. I definitely march to the beat of my own drum. Which is the best thing about this challenge. 
My wheels immediately started turning when I got the prompt. I love the so called degenerates, the underdogs, the lost souls of society. My thoughts all kept turning to music though. Musicians. Music always wins for me, and what is more about rebellion than PUNK ROCK! Not just one artist, but the punk rock music and scene as a whole! I chose punk rock because they are the outsiders, the rebels, the menaces to society. Punk rock is about freedom of expression and making sure our voices are heard when things are not fair. To me, punk rock is the biggest F you to everything that isn’t right with the world. 
This one if for those who feel like they don’t belong. This one is for the ones who are tired of injustice. This one is for the ones who only want to be who they want to. This is for everyone who wants a voice, an identity, a freedom. Punk rock is for anyone who just wants to be yourself!

This post contains some affiliate links. I will earn a percentage of the sale if you purchase through my link. These opinions are all my own and I am not paid for these opinions. 
I am definitely not “punk rock” by stereotyped standard, but a few of my photos or fashion might dabble in it a bit. The greatest thing about punk is that you just do you. You wear what you want, listen to what you want, say what you want. There are no rules about what makes you punk except that you be passionate about what you want to be in the world. Since I didn’t want stereotype, I went more for mixing prints and unusual details. I chose the Marc shirt from Filles a Maman for the unique collar detail, shoulder detail. I went with a masculine relaxed version of the Dressage Leggings from Jennuine Design. The panels were what drew me to the pattern. The final pattern was Reversible Bucket Hat from Oliver + S. A bucket hat may not seem very punk rock, but that is exactly why it is. 
I wanted something comfortable, like we were attending a show or spending the day skating. I used the Dressage leggings and modified it by adding more width to the sides. I used a black french terry and black ribbing. I made a capri jogger. They came out just the right length with the cool details like the panel stitching and the little punk band patches I made. It gave a modern punk vibe to the look.

The Marc shirt was made in a flannel shirting, sort of like some plaid tartan which is really big in punk. I used the vegan leather for the shoulders, chambray for the collar and chambray with some cotton and steel for the origami pocket. I also added a small metal zipper instead of a button closure. It was the perfect elements and details without being over the top punk rock.

The bucket hat was created in a black and white checker, just like Vans, and then a sugar skull fabric. My son took to the sugar skull print, but I love the pop of checkers from the underside. 
I have to say, I am super excited about the finished look, even though it went every which way. I hope this helped you and my son embody the true spirit of punk: freedom of choice. 

To me, punk rock is the freedom to create, freedom to be successful, freedom to not be successful, freedom to be who you are. It’s freedom.”  -Patti Smith

Thanks for stopping by and stay Rebellious!

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