Beach Stripes: KCW Sewing

Score! I managed to get a 2nd look done for KCW this morning while the kids watched cartoons and ate cereal. Doesn’t that sound like a glorious Saturday morning? So if I were not waiting for the husband to be home on a saturday, where would this California girl be traveling? The Beach of course. Probably HB or Laguna. Those are my favorite spots. There is nothing better than spending a day at the beach with the family.

kid's clothes week

I have been wanting to make a little girl version of these bow bandeau bikinis for a while. I am going to redo the top because it didn’t come out how I envisioned, But it was supercute and perfect for a day at a beach. Once I perfect it, then I can make an actual swimsuit. I used the bodice piece of the Cupcake dress (a free pattern from Baste + Gather) for the base of the bandeau, made a halter strap and than added the bow to the front. I used a coral and white knit so it was more relaxed and I had to modify that as well.

For the shorties, I wanted a high waist short style. I used the Summer Shorties, another free pattern from Baste + Gather. I really wanted something short like dance shorts and had my Art Gallery Skopelos fabric on hand. The problem is that it is a woven, and this pattern is for knits. I decided to try to hack it. I used a tiny seam allowance, the size 5 width and size 3 length. It barely fit. If she eats, she can’t wear them. Oh well, lesson learned. I rucjed the front and added a flat front waistbamd as well. The outfit came out almost how I envisioned, but still cute and retro. I love the vibrancy of the colors and how much it makes it feel like summer.

She finished off her outfit with some sea salt spray in her hair, her Ariel flip flops and a boogie board by the pool, I mean beach.

And for fun, we decided to photoshop her (terribly on picmonkey) at Huntington Beah. She thought it was funny that she was at the beach today LOL

Thanks for stopping by.

I hope I can get a couple more outfits done before KCW is over
Stay rebellious!

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