S is for Sewing Review

As a mom of a couple of boys, I notice how much there is lacking for cool and unique designs for boys in PDF land. Sure, you can find some basics, but finding things that are unique and stand out is something harder to find. Sewing with Boys is designed for just that: a website and community to help you sew for your boys, sew with them and sew things that are going to awesome and loved for a long time to come. I got the chance to sew and review their latest e-book S is for Sewing. The E-book is available for a limited time at the price of $16.95, and then goes back to it’s regular price of $19.95. It features 4 patterns: Quad Tee, Bookworm Blazer, Looseleaf Knapsack and Radical Raglan Hoodie. There is also a pattern and tutorial for the Envelope Pencil Pouch, along with some tutorials for patches, freezer paper stencils, back to school tips and how to build a back to school wardrobe. It has a ton of information and patterns that I am going to love using again for my kids. Don’t forget these patterns work for girls too!

The first pattern I made was the Quad tee. I knew this was the perfect time to break into my Star Wars galaxy print. Using that and a basic black was perfect for a picky tween boy. It took me an hour to sew. Exactly an hour, and that was the first time so this will easily become a 30 minute shirt to make. You have to love when you have a unique design that takes very little time to make. The instructions were so easy to understand and very clear. Beginners, adventurous or not, this pattern is one for you to try out.

The second pattern was the Looseleaf Knapsack. I made 2 modifications to it because I forgot some of my supplies. I made the no closure version in size Small with hidden lining pockets. I added a casing and drawstrings to close the top. I was missing d-rings, and just attached the straps. Next time I attach like that, I will have to measure or come up with some sort of gadget to adjust them. The small size was very generous. Perfect for a small binder and folder, or to keep items for after school activities like tutoring, homework, sports, etc. There were lots of very thorough instructions and multiple options. I underestimated how time consuming it is to make a backpack and while it was not hard, it did take a few hours to construct. Plus, I can be a bit scatterbrained and there are multiple measured pieces to cut out and label, so that took me some extra time to figure out. If you are feeling adventurous, you can definitely make one for your child. And I highly recommend using stiffer fabric like canvas or duck, or making sure to interface heavily. I only interfaced the top and should have done the entire thing. But my son has been begging for me to use this Cotton + steel fabric, so he was stoked I finally used it for him.

Some more information for you.
Sizes for the patterns: 2-12 or 14
Zip file for ebook and patterns
Layers to print only the sizes you need
Vibrant photos, tutorials and articles

Check out the website: Sewing With Boys and you can purchase the e-book HERE, and get a preview of it HERE. You can also join in the fun in the Sewing With Boys Facebook Group

Here is the tour where you can see all the version and reviews of the e-book. You will get tons of ideas and inspiration.

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