Time for School Capsule and Sew-Along


While many of you are enjoying this amazing summer break, I live in an area that school is starting in just 2 weeks. This has resulted in me thinking “back to school wardrobe”- in the most minimal way possible since all 5 of my children will be in school this year. The idea of the #timeforschoolcapsule came to be because of the amazing Becca of Freenotion. She has been doing a capsule sew along this summer for the women and it has been amazing seeing what she has been able to make.

The idea behind a capsule wardrobe is that we always have more than we need. We can be impulsive shoppers and sewists, meaning we have lots of clothing that don’t coordinate. You are encouraged to get your child involved so that they don’t fight you on what to wear. So the capsule wardrobe gives the notion that you only need a set amount of items that you can rotate to mix and match outfits. This also makes life much easier for those days when we are in a hurry, when the other parent or older child is helping get little ones dressed, or the child is dressing themself. It makes life easier on everybody. The plus to getting your child involved in the process? No tears or tantrums. If they feel like they are making their own style and have a choice in their fabric and patterns, they will be much less likely to fight you on getting dressed.

I made some little cheat sheets to get started on your time for school capsule. These are not guidelines. You know your child better. So you feel free to add, take away, change what you like. This is merely a starting point to get you thinking. My daughter’s capsule is at about 20 pieces. And that is minimal. You can follow me along on instagram where I will be posting my process, fails, triumphs and all the exciting stuff like the tour stops and giveaways.

The 4 pattern designers that are featured and sponsoriing their patterns for this tour are: Filles a Maman, Terra’s Treasures, Titchy Threads, and Willow & Co. All of these designers go up to at least a size 10, but most go to 12 and they have designs that are unisex, or features patterns for both boy and girl.

SALE!! Perfect timing to purchase patterns as Terra’s Treasures is doing a flash sale for 40% until tomorrow, Tuesday 7/21/2015 Use code SALE40 on Etsy. Prices already marked down on website.

Here is the lineup of the bloggers who will be showing you their kid’s TFS capsule, and also 4 designers that will be making 4 mini TFS capsule wardrobes. I am also very excited to let you know that there will be a good amount of boy and girl wardrobes.  The tour officially starts August 31 and is over October 1. The linky party will start then which you can enter for a BIG giveaway TBA later. You can enter the linky party by making something from one of the 4 designers and it must have been made June 1, 2015 or later to qualify. There will also be 2 smaller giveaways you can enter via rafflecopter so you are definitely going to want to stay tuned in.

Tour Schedule: August 31 Kickoff and intro to Filles a Maman September 1-3
                         September 6-10 Terra’s Treasures
                         September 14-17 Titchy Threads
                         September 21-24 Willow & Co
                         September 28-30 Mini Capsules
                         October 1 Recap tour and Giveaway Winner announced!

You can join the Facebook group HERE to get ideas, ask for help, post your thought process and find an amazing community of people to join you in this sew along. 
Follow the Pinterest Board to get some ideas. And start your own pinterest board to figure out colors and styles your child would wear. 
There is going to be lots of useful information leading up to the tour to help you put your capsule together. I am looking forward to seeing what your child’s wardrobe turns out like.

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Time For School Capsule
Time For School Capsule

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