Lucy Shorts: Sleep or Date

*Disclaimer* Let me just prepare you for the worst. These amazing shorts on the right were made with a remnant. Remnant+stripes= OCD triggers. So I apologize in advance for offending you with using a cut of fabric in my stash that did not allow me to match properly. The good news was no fabrics waste.

Now to get back our regular show, I got to test these Lucy Shorts from made for Mermaids. I was a little nervous testing these because they are an elastic waist and if the rise is too high, then we begin to get the horrible “ballooning over the big butt” problems. Luckily the rise on these made them high my high hip.

Pattern Info: 

33″-54″ Hip Size range
2 inseam lengths
Curved or straight hem
Woven fabrics for regular sizing
Knit fabrics and go down 2 sizes
Elastic casing or athletic casing option
Trim option
No trim pages
Layers  to print only size/s needed

Matching Girl’s and Doll shorts available in the shop

I made the GREEN size with the 3.5 inseam and curved hem. Don’t judge. I like showing my legs and appreciate short shorts (within reason)

My first tester pair was some mystery textured satin fabric. Does someone want to educate me on what that may be? It was too pajamay to wear for day wear so I used the KZJO Charlotte tunic and shortened it to a cami length. You can also use Mama Ella Top or the Layer Me Up or Free Spirit Tank  (from M4M sister company, Pattern for Pirates, also her sister) or the free Diana cami from Spit Up and Stilettos. All of these pair perfectly with the shorts for pajamas depending on fabric choice. Pair it with the Summer Kimono in the Robe version and you will be the chicest woman in pajamas. Gotta class it up, yo!

Since we are talking about testing, the shorts have been tweaked to be a better fit since then. This is when version #2 comes in. The ones where the side stripes don’t line up. I know. I am terrible. I’m sorry for breaking this cardinal sin.

The fit makes the shorts a closer fit. I did the same inseam and cirved hem on this pair. I also did the elastic casing on both versions. I also tapered the inner leg in one size because my butt is bootylicious and my legs are fairly normal size in comparison. This made them fit my leg great. No curve hem flapping in the wind and exposing my cheeks. I mean, what would the neighbors say? Sigh. Just kidding, I don’t care, but I do try to keep all my bits and pieces unexposed.

This fabric was a peachskin and it feels so good in these shorts. Like super-awesome-amazing. I could sleep in them if I want, but decided to pair with my very favorite sleeveless swing top with a collar to keep it classy and some black wedges. Voila. Effortless comfortable outfit. If you want to be casual, throw on some flats or sandals and you have the most perfect shorts to go from sleep to gym to beach to a casual date.

I am super happy with the outcome. The fit like a dream. They are comfortable. No suffocating. And they are so fast to make. I need to make lots more. They look great with trim.

So here is another testing aka enabling post. I am not paid for this, just an enthused tester. The pattern was provided to me free in exchange for testing with my remnant fabric.

Pattern on sale for a limited time on Made for Mermaids HERE for $5, girls version is also $5 and doll is $2.

Thanks for stopping by my humble abode. 
Stay Rebellious!

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