Time for School Capsule: Week 1

Week 1 has been fast and fun. The bloggers are knee deep in their ideas, patterns, sketches, and planning stages. Behind the scenes, we are rapidly planning fabrics and patterns since we have to make sure we have everything done to show a wardrobe.

In the sew along group, you guys are already going through clothes, planning patterns and fabrics, and thinking about the cohesiveness of the project. I really love how it has encouraged us to be less wasteful, as well as paying attention to what we and our children like or don’t like. Go on with yo’ bad selves… or good selves.

Next week we will start discussing figuring out what we need, purging and style. Becca has made a sudoku to plan your outfits which really helps mixing and matching that you can find in the group HERE. You can also see what she is doing with it on her Instagram. Oh I forgot one big thing, the prizes will be announced next week so I hope you are excited because I am!!

Becca put together a Capsule Sudoku using patterns to help you visualize the option. Woah! She is amazing!

Also check out the hashtag she is using while planning her capsule #kidscapsuleplanning

Wardrobe Planning Links: 

Gracious threads Free Printable
Berry Bunch Boys Printable 
Oliver + S Handmade Discussion

(Geared Towards Adults but still Relevant)
Colette Wardrobe Architect
Handmade Threads: Wardrobe Planning
Sew Pomona: Wardrobe Planning
Sew Mama Sew: Mostly Handmade Wardrobe

Katy of Wild and Wanderful is sharing her process of planning on the blog and has a good start sorting through her patterns  She has her patterns mapped out. Can we give this lady a round of applause? She runs a blog, a business, and has a child and she still manages to make this look like it is the easiest thing in the world. If you like loud and fun prints, you are going to love what she makes. Just take a look around her blog.

Wild & Wanderful: Capsule Planning Stages

Ruse Design is also in the planning stages and showing what she has done on Instagram. She figured out that she can mix and match 50 outfits from a 13 piece capsule. What?!?! These girls are on their A-game. I have a feeling this tour is going to be incredible.

And You can follow along with the hashtag #timeforschoolcapsule. If you are sewing along, add in the hashtag so we can see what you are doing.

Thanks for stopping by and sewing along. You want to be in the group because that is where all the exclusive discounts will be!

Stay Rebellious!

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