Time For School Capsule: Ready to Purge?

Have you started planning your child’s school capsule? I am planning and still trying to wrap my head around everything which is why I realized I need to organize what my kids have already. They grow fast so some things are definitely needed. But I also know they have items that are still of use for this coming school year. I realized I need to purge. They have so many clothes, and well, we need to stop being so sentimental about clothing. Time to purge that closet and only keep the items out that will be getting love this season.

STEP 1: Separate the clothes. I start with 2 piles. One is the regulars/favorites and the other is everything else.

STEP 2: Go through the KEEP pile and make sure they all fit, are in good condition, etc. Then continue on to see which of those will go into the “School/Fall” wardrobe. Anything you want to keep, but that does not fit for the season and wardrobe, you will put away in a storage container.

STEP 3: The “OTHER” Pile is going to need to separated into Keep, Sell, Donate (or just donate) If you must keep any of these items, they will go into storage with the out of season items. The remaining you can sell and/or donate

How many items were you left with that fit still and will be used for the wardrobe? You will use these items as your starting point. How many bottoms, tops, outerwear, dresses do you have left? And is it still too much? Classic enough to fit in season? Doesn’t matter? Now you can figure out how many items you need to make or purchase. Remember, sewing is for you, but don’t break your sanity unless you want to if you can get it cheaper somewhere else. Many times I will leave out the jeans because I get those cheaper than the materials would cost me.

Are you using the Capsule Base I included in the introduction, or did you come up with your own?

Once you make it through the purge, take a breath, reward yourself with your tasty treat of your choice and relax. Our next step is color scheme. If you are like me, that is a whole new ballpark to figure out.

And if you are still trying to figure out what the heck a  capsule is, check the Pinterest board for useful information or make sure you are in the group (plus that is where all the useful files, sales and links are. And we are all awesome and kickass!)

WAIT! I almost forgot! You guys aren’t just here for the fun of chaos, right? You want to get something out of it too!

Well, I get to announce the prizes up for the Giveaway. There will be a total of 3 prizes. The big grandprize is the one for the linky party (the one where you can enter by sewing something from one of the sponsors), and the other 2 prizes will be through entries on rafflecopter or gleam.
NOTE: These packages have not been put together yet. This is just what is up for grabs.


Koerbs Bros Stitch Designs Free Pattern of choice
Bella Sunshine Designs pattern of choice
Gracious Threads pattern of choice
Addiek Rylee Dress & Quad Tee Patterns
Mouse House Creations Choose 3 patterns
Sofilantjes 2 patterns of choice
Violette Field Threads 3 pack of patterns 
True Bias Mini Sutton Bluse pattern (Yet to be released)
Momma Quail Patterns Pattern of choice
Striped Swallow Designs pattern of choice
StraightGrain 2 patterns of choice
Hello Holli Blue Ridge Dress pattern
E+M Patterns 1 pattern of choice
Made for Mermaids 1 pattern of choice
Love Notions pattern of choice
Shwin Designs 2 patterns of choice
Call Ajaire Paneled Sunsuit pattern
Go To Patterns 3 patterns of choice
OUSM Designs- Once Upon a Sewing Machine 1 pattern of choice
Figgy’s Patterns 1 pattern of choice
Cali Faye Collection Gardenia Dress pattern
EYMM $50 gift card 
Raspberry Creek Fabric $30 gift card 
Purple seamstress $25 gift card 
Phat Quarters Geo half yard bundle
2nd prizes of 1/2 yard knit cut
Filles a Maman 3 patterns of choice
Willow & Co 1 pattern of choice
The Fabric Candy Shoppe Fabric bundle TBD
The Fabric Candy Shoppe Santoro Fabric candy box valued at $30 
Jennuine design 1 pattern of choice
Terra’s Treasures 3 patterns of choice 
Urban sew $40 GC
Paisley Roots Saffron Twirl and Allspice patterns
Titchy Threads TBD
Mabel Madison $20 gift car (2 winners) 

Are you excited now? I know I am! So put those sewing machines to work and get ready to build your capsule! We will be back later this week to check where the bloggers are with theirs and to discuss color palettes,

See you all soon!

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Stay Rebellious!

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