Time for School Capsule: Week 2 Wrap Up

I am still in the planning stages of my capsule. I figured out the color scheme. Shh, that is coming soon. I have mostly figured out what pieces to include. But fabric? Oh, that is tough.

I did use Becca’s super helpful POST about putting your capsule sudoku together, and that really helped pull part of my daughter’s together. Some of these items will be previously made, but I am gradually adding to it. I have included 4 pairs of shoes, but really we are working with 3 most of the time.

Patterns pictured
Row 1: 1. Rowan Tee 2. Capsule Skirt 3. Shoe of choice 4. Scarfneck Cardigan
Row 2: 1. Lakeshore Crop 2. Shoe of Choice 3. Dressage Leggings 4. Allie Top
Row 3. 1. Clemence Shorts 2. Amare Top 3. Wildflower Kimono 4. Shoe of Choice
Row 4. 1. Shoe of choice 2. Aster Cardigan 3. Blue Ridge dress 4. Allie Shorts

This gives me a total of 12 clothing items to work with. I will have one more of these sudokus which may include some of these same items. The child still needs a few more tops, skirts and a dress. Plus I will be making some extra underthings: shorts and camis. I have been building my color scheme for the capsule around this dress I made. Then I made my first item: the Capsule skirt from EYMM. How fitting, right? It really is a staple piece that she will get lots of wear out of.

I definitely feel like I am getting somewhere now that I have something planned. Here is what some of the participating bloggers have been up to this week. Katy of Wild & Wanderful is on fiyah! She has made multiple pants, and if you want some cool pants for a uniform, you need to see the Kudzu Cargos she made.

Wild & Wanderful: First Cuts

Becca of Freenotion, the genius behind sewing capsule wardrobes and making an informational series and sew-along, put together this tutorial to celebrate the birthday of Katy at No Big Dill. It is such a cool idea for back to school. Also a great idea for gifts for teachers, hint hint.

Freenotion: Tribute Tutorial

Also be sure to check out the amazeball shirt she made. I love this shirt so much!!

Emi of Just Add Fabric is a planning queen at the moment. I mean, she is way farther than I am. I plan things and then my own brain will demolish all plans. Gotta love it. So I live vicariously through her since I can’t plan any thing. Just get it done. She also blogged about planning and I love her inspiration and style. It suits her perfectly.

Just add fabric: Autumn wardrobe Planning

If you are sewing for a boy, play very close attention to Kelly of handmade Boy. She makes some of the coolest items. Just stalk her Instagram, and you will see!

More sewing for the #timeforschoolcapsule I love details!! #handmadeboy #boysewing

A post shared by KellyS (@handmade_boy) on

//platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.js The remainder of the bloggers are very busy putting their capsules together. And I am on chaotic mode. We start Wedsnesday, so I need to have a couple of outfits done at the very least. Arghhhh!

The sewing group is seeing losts of action. So make sure you JOIN in the fun!
Follow the Pinterest Board  and in case you missed it, check out Monday’s post to get motivated because the prizes were announced!!!

I hope you are as excited as I am. Thanks for joining in this crazy amazing slightly insane idea!

Don’t forget to grab your button if you are participating!

Time For School Capsule

Time For School Capsule

Stay Rebellious!!


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