Sunday Lately: My Summer is Almost Over

I really love reflecting on the week. I need that recharge time because I am going batty! I think I am missing the patience chromosome moms are supposed to have. 

Planning: my daughter’s capsule, a momiform for me, 5 kids starting school, my schedule to make sure they are all there on time and when I should blog since I will essentially be out of the house daily until 12. Wah wah wah. Stressful, exciting, chaotic. Just like normal. 

Loving: my family. This is obviously a given, but we have been without a vehicle after losing it as a result of issues from one of those depressing layoffs. We hit a bottom, but we have been slowly working back up. The highlight was when my wonderful sister-in-law helped us out to buy a van so that we are no longer vehicleless. Seriously? I sometimes forget how caring and selfless family can be.

Wishing: for all the fabrics. ALL THE FABRIC! That is the hard part about sewing these big wardrobes. I want it all. My bank account does not have the funds for it all. But pretty please, let me have it. At least some of it? And I will buy myself this shirt or die… ok, that was probably a tad dramatic. But I NEED IT!!

Reading: all these amazing sewing bloggers quests through patterns, hacks, planning and their wonderful summers. I feel like I am living vicariously through them on their fun activities and vacations. You can find me stalking my bloggy BFF Katy Wild & Wanderful, Becca, who is like my blog fairygodmother at Freenotion, Ashley is the sweetest little designer at Sewing Sober and Jess at Lil Luxe Collection (she makes the fiercest children’s designs!)

Feeling: anxious and excited. My smallest one will be in school in just 4 more days, and she is super attached to me. Will she miss me? Will she cry? Will she not care at all? Will I be a mess? Will I do a happy dance? Will I be grateful for that small amount of time without kids? Will it be horrible while I sit at Starbucks relaxing in the morning? 

Sunday Lately with KatyNicole and Meghan

Thanks for stopping by! It has been a fun and busy week!

Stay rebellious!!


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