Time for School Capsule: Planning Your Wardrobe

How did the purge go? Still going? It can be hard to get rid of things so I love that this process helps us evaluate needs and wants. I know that I need that reminder that I really don’t need all the things I have. It is also forcing me to be more charitable. My kids are lucky to have all these clothes, shoes, toys, etc. So when we are forced to go throuh them and get rid of things that don’t get as much use, we are also showing them to keep what is important and meaningful, and also to remember that other kids out there have less than them.

The important elements of planning out your child’s capsule are:

Patterns & Pieces

I put this together because we need to decide what patterns we need. But some items will be cheaper to purchase and save us time to make them. You have to decide what is best for you and your family.

Some great staple patterns:


Streamline Tee (Terra’s Treasures) Unisex
Suburban Basic Tee (Terra’s Treasures) Unisex
Offbeat Oxford (Terra’s Treasures)
Main Street Tee & Dress (Terra’s Treasures)
Mimi Shirt & Dress (Filles a Maman)
Extraordinary Girl (Filles a Maman) Good for unisex
Marc Shirt (Filles a Maman)
Mulberry Tunic (Willow & Co) Unisex
Limon Top & Dress (Willow & Co)
Safari Raglan & Dress (Titchy Threads) Unisex
Rowan Tee (Titchy Threads) Unisex

Shorts & Pants

Small Fry Skinny Jeans (Titchy Threads) Unisex
Twisted Trousers (Titchy Threads) Unisex
Agathe & Theo Pants (Filles a Maman) Unisex
Clemence Shorts (Filles a Maman)
Kudzu Cargos (Willow & Co) Unisex
Clover Shorts (Willow & Co)
Metrpolitan Pants (Terra’s Treasures) Unisex
Long Beach Board Shorts (Terra’s Treasures) Unisex
Kensington Trousers & Shorts (Terra’s Treasures)

Dresses & Skirts

Fawn Lily Tunic & Dress (Willow & Co)
Antalya Dress (Willow & Co)
Town Square Top & Dress (Terra’s Treasures)
Carolina Sweetheart Dress (Terra’s Treasures)
Mayfair dress (Terra’s Treasures)
Manhattan Skirt (Terra’s Treasures)
Rose Skirt (Filles a Maman)

Sweaters & Coats

Aster Cardigan (Willow & Co)
Andover Pullover (Terra’s Treasures)
P51 Flyer Jacket (Terra’s Treasures)
Hawthorn Zip Up (Titchy Threads) Unisex

These are a few of my favorite patterns for if you just need one: There are TONS more you can choose from, and it is really hard to narrow down. However, these are all simple styles easy to modify and gets lots of use out of.

Capsule Skirt (EYMM)
All Spice Dress (Paisley Roots)
Domi Sweats (Sofilantjes)
Peekaboo Hoodie (Lil Luxe Collection)
Moto Maxx Set (Love Notions)
Allie Top & Shirt Set (Violette Field Threads)
No 2 Pants (E+M Patterns)
Dressage Leggings (Jennuine Design)

Also include the Extraordinary Girl, Aster Cardigan, & Rowan Tee. Basics now covered!

These are some of the suggestions from the patterns of the Sponsored designers, but you will have to mix and match to suit your child’s style and needs.

For uniform needs: Koerbs Bros Patterns, Terra’s Treasures, Felicity Patterns, Blank Slate, Peek-a-Boo Patterns, Made-It PatternsPuperita, Oliver +S,  and Shwin Designs all have some great staple pieces that should work for school uniforms.

When you are choosing patterns, you want to keep in mind: Function, wearability, practicality. Is it comfortable? Is it easy to put on and off? Will they wear this enthusiastically on a regular basis? When you purge your clothing, you should have a good idea of what your child likes to wear the most so use that to fill in what you need and what you know they will wear.

Check out these instagram posts to give you an idea of how to map it out:

Are you using the guideline in the introduction to determine your amount of items needed or have you come up with your own formula? Use your remaining pieces to figure out what you need to fill in, and then you can choose your patterns. Now is a perfect time to get your child involved in picking a pattern they like, or letting them pick the elements to include.

If you have already figured out your patterns, you can start choosing your fabrics and color scheme. The color scheme is really important for this project because we want the most versatility we can get from the items. The colors and fabrics are also the most fun or nerve-wracking part to get your kids involved in. Remember, you want them to want to wear these clothes so getting them involved with what the clothes are made from is very important. If they pick something really wild and are set on that, use that to build your color palette. Later this week we will dive more into building a color palette.

So where are you at on your child’s capsule? I am slowly building with what I have, but it has gone a bit slower since I have to really pay attention to my color scheme. It is amazing seeing it all come together though. Don’t forget to join the sew along group, if you haven’t already.

Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to hashtag your progress on instagram and social media. #timeforschoolcapsule or #TFScapsule

Stay Rebellious!

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