Sunday Lately: Back to Shenanigans

Oh Sunday! I used to enjoy this day, but since I am back on a routine again, I may cry on Sundays. No more sleeping in. Oh well, on the good side of things, I do get to have a few hours to myself.

Doing everything! Time for School Capsule AND Sew n Style Series, as well as getting back to a routine! It’s BACK TO SCHOOL, YO! 
On top of all that, I walk back and forth everyday and clocked a total 18 miles walked in 2 days! Beast mode!! Next week is the first full week so it will be at least 45 in 5 days. I call that working on my fitness. 
More pattern tests for some of my favorite sisters: P4P Boundless Dress and M4M Hampton Romper (Both are still on sale for $6 & $7 each!!)

Appreciating that school is back in session. My kids were getting a bit stir crazy, and my daughter needs a bit more structure than what is provided at home during the summer. They need the learning time and 3 of the kids are getting prepared for sports. We also got to enjoy National Night Out the day before school. It is a really cool way to bring community together. 
House of Pinheiro has a pretty sweet photo challenge with the sewist in mind. You definitely want to check that out HERE 

Designing my 3 look collection for the Sew ‘n Style Series. I have my theme Floral Foxes picked out and mostly designed, but my 2nd collection for the series will remain a secret until my collection is revealed. Mwahaha!! 

Humming every song imaginable, and actually listening to “Watch Me” simply so I can get my girls to dance? What is this madness? But lately, my go songs have been back to the 80s. Anything Anything by Dramarama has been on repeat. My comfort music when I can’t settle on things is Local Natives, Grizzly Bear and Alabama Shakes: some indieriffic soul and hispterish psychadelic rock. I love that my music choices can be fun and poppy and nonsense, but can also be eccentric and against the trends. 

Expecting a big year coming my way as I have been a part of some exciting new projects for me. You may start becoming more familiar with my “voice” in other sites in the future. I also expect me to start making my ideas become a reality. it could just be that I am super bored now that all my kids are in school for a part of the day. We shall see what the second half of 2015 will hold for me.

Sunday Lately with KatyNicole and Meghan

And with that, hope you all had a wonderful week. Mine was crazy, but I know that I will start to benefit greatly from all of this chaos. 
Stay rebellious!!

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