Time For School: Are You a Schemer?

As you are planning out your capsule for back to school, it can be hard to reign it in. That is why we are discussing color schemes. The color scheme works in 2 ways: 1) You incorporate colors that are flattering and enjoyable to wear. So if your little one is drawn to a certain color, this helps you include that and find coordinating colors to match with it. My kids all seem to love cool tones, jewel tones and bright or dark colors so we have a lot of contrast in our wardrobes.

Do you have a fabric that you have got to have in your capsule, but not sure how to make it a staple piece with all the other items? Use a color palette generator like Degraeve or Pictaculous to help find complimentary colors. If you want to find a color palette already made, check out some sites like Seeds or Color Palette. They have tons of photos with the color palettes already pointed out. You find one that speaks to you, and use that as your design. Not finding what you are looking for there? Go to google or pinterest and search for things with keywords that relate to things they like: cars, dolls, sports, places. I found my children’s color schemes through their favorite things, skateboarding and Ever After High.

If you are interested in trends, Marsala looks great. The earthy tones of fall are also really great for a muted palette.

I know many people were not excited about the color of the year, but I have to say it is all in how you pair it. I especially love it with emerald, teal or merlot.

Do you have a color scheme picked out? I would love hear what has inspired you in choosing your colors.

Thanks for stopping by!
Stay Rebellious!

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