Sunday Lately: It Sure Feels Like Summer

That apron skirt on the left is the first skirt I ever made for my girls about 6 years ago. 

Updating my kids wardrobes, as well as my own. We are melting in the summer so getting ready for fall is welcome to us right now. Also, one of my proud acheivements was the release of another pattern that I designed to be translated into PDF form so everyone can sew it! The Poppy Peplum pants from Filles a Maman (affiliate link). It was such a privilege to have my friend Mel draft these up since I admire her style so much. I have been drawing these pants up for a good 5 years. I just never made the vision come true. It was such an amazing experience to be a part of and now I have had 2 of my designs made into patterns. 

This post contains affiliate links which means if you click the link and make a purchase, I will earn a percentage of the sale. 

Reminding myself to enjoy every last moment I get with my kids. We enjoyed the last concert in the park of the season this week and it was nice to hang out with the community and catch up with old friends, watch my kids run into their friends, and let me teenage have a bit of freedom in a very crowded park full of families and teens. 

Needing to stretchhhhhh. I am dedicating my week to my children and walking around 10 miles a day 4-5 days a week. I ended my week with sore feet, very tight calves and 47 miles. I need to make sure I stretch better because the combo of being a pretty relaxed summer plus the triple digit heat is making my body a littl worn. Oh, and I definitely need a hat on top of the slather of sunblock I wear. 

Wearing practically nothing lately. I live in the desert. August is the peak of the heat, and I am a sweaty person so I wear as little clothing as possible + a wet towel to keep me cool. I am looking forward to when it is cool enough for my running tights and cute shirts. I know. I am so vain. 

Being proud. I don’t do that very often, but have really been pushing myself all around. Better my health, better my fitness, and getting ready to start contributing content to the UpCraft Club! Plus, I am waiting for my final fabrics so I can finish my look for the Sew n Style Series with Lil Luxe Collection. This has been such a big week for my growth.

Sunday Lately with KatyNicole and Meghan

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