Time For School Capsule: Let’s Put It All Together

We have gone through the hard work of a capsule- figuring out what we want and need. Now we can finally figure out the pieces we are making in the fabric and colors. Using something visual like your color scheme or a mood board with clothing you want to make will really help you put this all together. I am still in the “making” part of mine, even with all this time.

If you have fabric on hand already, are you building around that? Or are you purchasing fabric in the colors and prints you like? You may find it helps to puy your fabric in a sudoko like the one becca made to figure out your outfits like Becca of Freenotion did here.

Putting the fabric in the spots like this helps you visualize before you cut everything. If it doesn’t work, swap the fabrics around or fill in with something else.

For the patterns, what did you decide on? I have a few patterns that are tried and true like the Rose Skirt, the Agathe and Theo slouchy pants, the Clover shorts, the Rowan tee, and Domi sweatpants. Those have become staples in my kids wardrobes, along with dresses, shirts, hoodies, jackets, So if you have some tried and true patterns that fit your child’s style, try to use those first and fill in with other patterns that you may want to add or that are more trendy.

For instance, do you have a pant or shirt pattern that you can make with your eyes closed because the fit and style work? Try those for the base patterns. Then add embellishments or fun details to make a it unique to your child. Fit and comfort are the most important things to think about when we sew for our kids, especially when we are making clothes to function as daily wear.

The awesome bloggers have really seemed to have found their niche and are putting out new things everyday:

Courtney of The Wholesome Mama

Katy of Wild & Wanderful

Kelly of Handmade Boy

Finally getting back to my #backtoschoolsewing #slugbug #handmadeboy #timeforschoolcapsule

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Karly of Paisley Roots with this awesome Wall-E look

Then some of these amazing sew-alongers have been crazy busy putting things together:

Work Pray Sew: Josephine & PAB Skinnies

Scientific Seamstress: Sisboom Leighanna

Sew Impish is a sewing machine with these sweats

I am in LOVE with this free slim “sweats” pattern from Melly Sews. I am going to include the link in the comments, along…
Posted by Sew Impish on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Then don’t forget to check out the #timeforschoolcapsule or #tfscapsule hastags on instagram to see what the bloggers and sew-alongers are making.


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Stay rebellious!

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