Sunday Lately: Sore Feet & Intense Heat

Sunday Lately with KatyNicole and Meghan

Well, I did the awesome job of using this weeks prompts last week so here is last week’s prompts this week. Totally sensible, right?

Dwelling on the thought of getting out of California. California is beautiful and has everything you can think of when it comes to different environments: farm lands, mountains, hills, canyons, forests, lakes, rivers, creeks, oceans, deserts, cities, suburbs. It literally has almost every environment that you can think of to offer. So the beauty of California and diversity will always be in my heart, but as a family of 7 who would like to stick to one income, it isn’t a viable option if we want to stop living paycheck to paycheck. Pacific Northwest keeps calling our name since I have only become crunchier as time has gone on. But there is always the possibility of back to North Carolina, Colorado or Austin, TX. We are going with the breeze on this one and going to let our lives go the way we know how: on a whim and following the direction the wind takes us. 

Helping out my kids get used to school again and getting their education on track. It is a difficult road since I really dislike some things about the new curriculum, but want to give my kids the best education I possibly can. I will still go about to teach them things the way I know, and help with different methods as I need. It is so frustrating seeing them take a lot of the fun out of the younger grades though. Our education system has seemed to forget that in order for kids to LOVE school when they are older, they need to give them enough fun and excitement in the lower grades. We had the back to school nights for all the kids, so I had to meet all their teachers and a few of their friends. I have some high hopes for them this year since we will call last year a trial year (I hate those forsaken notebooks!)

Forgetting to take time for me is really making me cranky which is why I have a few plans for myself. I love my kids, but I realize that I need to take care of me if I want to be the best mom for them. That means some dates. That means some time just for me. That means sometimes I get to just veg out at Starbucks while they are responisible and independent for an hour. It is a hard thing to transition into, but since I have a teenager, I am trying to let go a little. 

Switching schools. Preschools, that is. My little bit was at a school 3.5 miles away from my home while she was on a waiting list for the closer one. So I walked there everyday. Now she is in the afternoon, so it basically feels exactly the same as walking almost double the amount. Stupid desert heat, but the good thing is that my daughter is in a better school, and I am closer to all my kids schools in case of an emergency. 

Relying on some help from friends and neighbors this week since we were in high triple digits along the lines of 110 plus. I drink lots of water, but the heat still zaps all my energy. It was nice to get a ride there a couple times this week. Sometimes I need a break, and once I get my bike and trailer, I can have time to workout and catch up on sewing/blogging/or just eating some sushi by myself. 

And a few more highlights: 

  • Fabric came in- only 30 yards of fabric in one day, including mail from my favorite: Bee Quilted Beauties
  • I tested a promo pattern for the Peg Legs from Patterns for Pirates & the Satya Romper from Jennuine Design
  • I made a moto jacket, which involved shortening a metal zipper- go me!

Sunday Lately with KatyNicole and Meghan

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