Time for School Capsule: Filles a Maman

We are kicking off the tour with the weeks focus on Filles a Maman (affiliate link). Mel is a Canadian PDF pattern designer who makes patterns mostly for girls, with a few boy, women’s and unisex patterns. She even has accessories that are for the entire family. She has a really cool and modern feel to her patterns. I have tested so many of her patterns and made them multiple times that I feel like I know her pattern construction and directions pretty well.

While she only has 2 clothing patterns that work for boys, I think they are staples and I think that the Extraordinary girl actually works well for a cool boy. Then add in the slouchy beanie and cowl, and you have quite the fashionable guy.

I am going to give you some ideas for boys mixed in with patterns from the other designers, and then show how to mix and match her girl patterns.

The great thing about the boy patterns she does have is that you can still get lots of use out of them. The Agathe & Theos can be used as pants, capris or shorts with a little hacking. They are a staple pair for a cool boy who wants to be comfortable. The same with the Marc shirt, you can change to short sleeves (in pattern) or even hack to be sleeveless, use as a unique sweater with a hack, or remove the color for a little less fuss (though I love the collar) And use the extraordinary girl in more masculine fabrics, omit the tiny pocket and you now have a cool lap tee. The cowl and beanie are the perfect accessories to add for some extra style (and function too, of course!)

1. Beanie 2. Agathe & Theo Slouchy Pants 3. Marc Shirt 4. Cowl

1. Beanie 2. Agathe & Theo Slouchy pants 3. Extaordinary Girl (Boy) 4. Cowl

One of my diagonal rows is not functioning. Sorry. My brain was not wanting to make a sequence of 9 squares work right. So you have down across, and diagonal from the right corner. Sorry again.

Top row: Suburban Basic Tee (Terra’s Treasures, Twisted Trousers (Titchy Threads), p51 Flyer (Terra’s treasures)
Middle Row: Beanie, Marc Shirt, Agathe & Theo (filles a maman)
Bottom Row: Kudzu Cargos (Willow & co) Cowl (filles a maman) Rowan tee (titchy threads)

Just these few patterns provide you a ton of ways to dress your guy or girl who prefers the boy clothes in a super cool, fashionable way!

Now onto the girls. Mel has tons of great patterns for girls. some are simple. Some are over the top. But mostly they are fresh and cool and perfect for a girl who knows what she wants to wear.

I did it again. I left a row of all accessories because who doesn’t wear an outfit of just cowls and beanies?!?! Seriously though, mama was not functioning well enough to figure it out. So be it. Here is your almost sudoku.

1. Agathe & Theo 2. Mimi shirt and dress 3. Beanie 4. Elisa Halter 5. Rose skirt 6. beanie
7. Amour top 8. Cowl 9. Rose skirt 10. Agathe and Theo 11. Beanie 12. Extraordinary girl
13. beanie 14. Clemence shorts 15. extraordinary girl 16. cowl 17. amour top 18. poppy pant

Is that not one stylish girl? In 10 pieces, you already have tons of options. This isn’t even including outer layers or jackets, and shoes. Who can forget shoes!?!?

Mel was so generous to give a sale just for this week which means you can do some back to school shopping! Coupon is REBEL30 (30%off) on everything including bundles available through Sunday September 6th midnight EDT at her website (affiliate link)

Don’t forget to get your daily entry on the giveaway and enter the linky party HERE with anything you have made after July 1, 2015.

I can’t wait to show you what the bloggers have made. They are seriously supercalifragilistic-awesome! Come back tomorrow to see what out first blogger, Ruse Design has made and make sure to join the sew along group HERE

As always, thanks by coming by my crazy spot. 
Stay rebellious!!


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