Sunday Lately: That Time I Tried to Handstand

It’s Sunday Funday! And that means it is time for Sunday Lately! It is also the first sunday in September. What what?! September is the best month because it is the beginning of fall, my birthday month, when weather starts feeling less hellish, and everyone is back to school. I missed last week because I was neck deep in getting everything prepared for the Time for School Capsule Tour. Soooo if you want to win lots of sewing stuff, and sew for the kidlets, then go over there now. Because I can’t, you know, because it is kind of my contest. Boo hiss on that! But really, good luck to all you all out there. 
Planning for fall, for tours, for my birthday (I am excited for a fun and busy day that day) and lots and lots of sewing. I also anticipate lots of new patterns going into testing so I will either be buying lots of fabric or patterns, or both. So, this chick asks… what do you do for your 30 something birthday? Lobster fest with some 80s New Wave bands? Or Some good ol’ punk Rock followed by some scary mazes? Choices, choices! I am also almost done with my Sew N’ style Collection. Have you been keeping track? These collections are great. You got to see a tiny sneak peek of mine on the Not Just a Sunsuit Tour

Felling ok about this getting older stuff and getting the hang of this growing out a haircut

Loving all the nerdiness coming around LIKE Force Friday. WHATTTTTT?! Yes, nerds, geeks, take over the world. We need to embrace it. My son got in on the action a little bit, but we missed the free lunch boxes. Boo hiss! I definitely delve into nerd world way more often. My husband is a nerd in his own rite. I bet jocks never realized how nerdy they were until you see them getting ready for Fantasy football. So. Many. Numbers! Oh, and did you see my mail?!?! I finally got some Handmade Escapade merch! I can’t wait to go blow some money there! 

Reading along to my favorite bloggers and getting super stoked for Top Stitchers Season 3. I’m also loving Baste + Gather, especially in regards to body acceptance for the post-partum body. We are wayyy too hard on ourselves and each other. One word: Acceptance. 

Wishing I could make the best use of my time. I find myself so unorganized, scatterbrained, and just unmotivated. I have always been a procrastinating type of person… but lately, my head is so foggy. We can thank my thyroid for that. It is still annoying as… I’m trying to somehow make a goal of accomplishing more. Sticker chart for the win?

Feeling sore! Yup, did you see my title? This girl, completely utterly sober, said, “Hey kids! I can still cartwheel so of course I can still handstand!” Try #1 could not get up. Try # 2 I got up! I got up! and then I feel down HARD on my knee. Yup, my old achy knee. So now I am with a swollen knee that is showing that my body is not the same body I had in my youth. Wah. Wah. Wahhhhhhhh!

On top of that, I am feeling EXCITED!!! Football season is here which means it is time for not only my beloved UCLA Bruins and San Francisco 49ers, it is also time for my oldest son to start his first season ever of football, and he is showing lots of potential. Am I really going to be a football mom? Lord, save us all! 

no this is not the boy. This is his little sister getting super excited for him!

Lots of time spent at the park for practices

Sunday Lately with KatyNicole and Meghan

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