Time For School Capsule: Terra’s Treasures

We are back for our second week of Time for School Capsule and I am so happy with the capsules so far. I love the more conscious sewing because it really helps us utilize more wear out of these handmade goodies. After all, our blood sweat and tears (sometimes quite literally) have gone into making these clothes.

This week we are introducing Terra’s Treasures. She has a great variety of patterns for boys and girls, with an emphasis on some unisex patterns, as well as a few women’s patterns. My favorite details about her patterns is that many of them work for both boys and girls. I also love that she combines classic with some modern spins on them.

Meet Terra:
I’m a mother of three, 2 boys and one very spoiled little girl. (First girl born on my husbands side in 75 years.) I was a dental assistant for several years before I began this venture in PDF patterns. I actually sold the clothes I made from my patterns first before I really decided that my favorite part of the process was the designing. It took me a year to figure out how to take my hand drawn patterns and turn them into PDF’s. But now I truly enjoy what I do.”

She has been so kind to offer you all a great sale of 25% off through September 11, 2015 with code BACKTOSCHOOL25 Make sure to take advantage of that while you pick up some staples for fall, like her newest release: Alpine Shorts/Trousers

This week, we will have 3 bloggers showing off their capsules. Today, you will get to see another awesome boy’s capsule from Tasha of Friends Stitched Together. Tasha (and Amy from last week) are best friends who have the most insane and brilliant ideas ever. I love CraftingCon, which you must check out even if you are not as nerdy as you think. I am so stoked to see her post for the capsule. Check out all these amazing pieces so far. Amazeballs!

Then on Wednesday, we have Ula from Lulu & Celeste. You may have become familiar with her when she put together a massive Canadian Designer Tour. I also learned that a lot of my favorite names out there were from Canada. If you love Gingers as much as I do, you will love all the clothes she makes for her gorgeous redhead daughters. I am so excited to see her capsule tomorrow. I really love how crisp and clean these Metropolitan pants are! If only we all could manage to look as pulled together as our spawn. 

And finishing off the week is Deb of Sprouting JubeJube. She has her own line of PDF patterns that she has collaborated with empatterns on, and she is like a pattern tour mastermind. Seriously, most of the pattern tours that I have been a part of, she is the one behind the scenes planning everything out. I don’t know what kind of voodoo she does, because she is also hosting all these sew-alongs too. When do you do this, Deb? Tell me your secrets!! On top of that, check out her teaster for Thursday!! Heart eyes!

I am like a little kid on Christmas with this tour. I get more excited everyday. Maybe this is my early Christmas! So enjoy the tour, go shop through our sponsors adnd enter the giveaways. Of course put those hands to work and sew so that you don’t miss out on the BIG giveaway!!!

Thanks for stopping by… and don’t miss out on the Sew Along group. There is loads of inspiration there.

Stay Rebellious!

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