Remix the Stitch: Ravenna Birdcage Back

I love Birthdays and anniversaries, especially in the month of September because it is an awesome month to start things like *cough cough* give me a day of life haha. Ok, maybe that is a bit ridiculous, but we have to love ourselves, right? So with that narcissistic notion, I was thrilled to hear that Straight Stitch Designs was celebrating her shop’s anniversary with a “Remix the Stitch” tour. Nothing like a good ol’ REMIXXXXXX to get the juices flowing, jam a jammin, and party like it’s 1999. You hush your mouth, I still party hard- in my jammies with kids and a dog.

I love pattern hacking! It is one of my favorites things to do, and sometimes I get a bit carried away with making it unrecognizable. I chose to remix the Ravenna Top. I love this top because it is a mullet of a shirt:  Business in the front, party in the back! It features a very modest, but well fitted front with a low scoop, ruffle back that has a zipper. I love details that expose the shoulders or back because I think it is a great way for a women to be a bit more risque (did you see that ankle) without being sleazy. But hey, if you want to sleaze it up, go for it. I like to do that sometimes. I’m grown now!

So I kept the front true to form. I love the darts and how it fit my smallish bust pretty well. I graded into a larger size in the hips because mama got back and I need the room so I don’t look like a stuffed sausage. I also slimmed my sleeves down because they were wider than I anticipated past the fat chicken wing area. It ended up being perfectly fitted while still allowing me wiggle room.

Time for a remix. I knew I wanted to change up the back some more. I love fun back pieces and felt like the bones of this pattern were perfect for it. I cut a deep square back that would be low enough but still cover the bra strap. Then I created (made) designed a birdcage back with some black knit strips and I went around with knit bias. Oh and I finally got to use some of my Wicked Eve fabric on me like I originally planned. Yeah for mom doing something for herself. Can I get a woot woot? And eff yeah? You can pick yours, but I generally go with the latter- in the proper terminology.

I was going to photograph the tutorial, but we have had crazy weather so you will have to wait a bit longer for that. The end result was perfectly sexy. I love how it looks! And I want to make tons more tops like this. I am also now singing “She’s a bad mama jama!” Don’t judge my guilty pleasures. I can still get down from time to time. Now you have to go see all the other amazing stuff being hacked. So. much. inspiration.

Make sure to stop by her shop where you will see that all patterns have been marked 50% off and Stitch Kits are marked 40% off.  There won’t be another sale like this for a long time so stock up now! The sale ends Sunday September 20th at midnight.

Don’t miss out on the giveaway! Enter below through Rafflecopter. See the prizes here.

Tuesday, September 8th: Meg Cookin’ and Craftin’ | Jennifer Ginger Peach Studio
Wednesday, September 9th: Ajaire Call Ajaire | Heidi Handmade Frenzy | Stacey Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts
Thursday, September 10th: Melissa Rebel & Malice | Annika Näh-Connection | Abby Sew Much Ado
Friday, September 11th: Katie It’s Hard to Hear Up Here | Jane Buzzmills | Lisa Mabey She Made It
Saturday, September 12th: Elena Randomly Happy | Allie Indiesew | Jess If Only They Would Nap
Monday, September 14th: Jaime Made By Jaime | Lauren BASTE + GATHER | Sara Made by Sara
Tuesday, September 15th: Audrey Skirt Fixationy | Teri Fa Sew La | Hayley Welcome to the Mouse House
Wednesday, September 16th: Emi Just Add Fabric | Rachael Imagine Gnats | Teresa Dandelion Drift
Thursday, September 17th: Kaysie | KZJO’STUDIO Rita Conversas de Hermanas | Stephanie Swoodson Says
Friday, September 18th: Andreia In a Manner of Sewing | Nienke Pienkel | Abbey Sew Charleston

Stay Rebellious

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