Time for School Capsule: Titchy Threads

Things are really starting to come together for both the tour and sew-along. I am loving seeing what everyone has been making during the sew-along and in the capsule. Are we some talented mamas, or what? During the 3rd week of Time for School Capsule, we will be featuring Titchy Threads. I think the most iconic pattern that she has is the Small Fry Jeans. They are amazing! We love quick projects, but there is also a big sense of pride when you make something epic for your kids like a real pair of jeans. Laura is the mastermind behind Titchy Threads, and also the blog Craftstorming. Here is a little intro to her:

Hello! I’m Laura, the owner and designer of Titchy Threads. I am committed to producing high quality, easy to follow patterns that make sewing a joy. My passion is designing modern new styles for my two young boys (and a new little baby girl) who have brought out my creative side. I look forward to bringing you many more unisex patterns in the future. Follow Titchy Threads on Facebook if you’d like to be the first to know about new pattern releases, offers and calls for pattern testers. 

I also write over at Craftstorming, where you can see more of my sewing projects along with sewing tips and tutorials. I also love baking and have a few other hobbies so you’ll find a few recipes and other crafts there too. 

I love the simple, yet intricate designs of her patterns. I also love how great they work as unisex patterns. So this week we have 3 more awesome bloggers (Yes, I say awesome. A LOT!) Just go with it. I could look in a thesaurus, but awesome is just one of those words I overuse. 

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Paisley Roots will be up and if you don’t know her, you should! She is an amazing homeschooling mommy/blogger/pattern designer/sewing extraordinaire. I am so excited to see the rest of the capsule she made for her youngest child. You can see her capsule HERE Seriously? How does she keep doing this?

time for school capsule

Wednesday features Knot Sew Normal. Another Mama/Blogger/Pattern Designer, not to mention possible Pirate, Super Nerd and Disney Fanatic with a capital F. I thought those people only lived here in Southern California haha. She covers every nerdy cool thing in the best ways possible. I love seeing her creativity come to life because when she brings it, oh does she. Check out here post HERE

time for school capsule

The last blogger of the week is another uber talent. I feel like this is a trifecta week of awesomeness! All these ladies are mega talented, and Handmade Boy is no exception to that super mega gnarly awesome talent. She is a Mom of 4, pattern tester expert (pretty sure she has designed a pattern to but my brain does not want to cooperate with me in naming that), photographer, and she keeps everything going with her kids involved with every activity possible. She is pretty much the queen of multi-tasking. You can see her youngest little dude’s capsule HERE

time for school capsule
Are you excited yet? You have to wait until tomorrow to see their capsules… but they are going to be amazing! Also don’t forget to support those sponsors. If you sew with patterns or include their fabric, you can link up and be eligible for a HUGE prize! Check the main post HERE
Check the remaining tour and previous capsule that you missed. Also, don’t forget to use the hashtag #timeforschoolcapsule if you are sewing along. 
Terra’s Treasures Patterns: Friends Stitched Together (Tasha) – Lulu & Celeste – Sprouting JubeJube
Titchy Threads Patterns: Paisley Roots – Knot Sew Normal – Handmade Boy
Willow & Co Patterns: Lady & The Gents – Just Add Fabric – Lisalisa Designs
Mini Collections: Creative Bug – Wild & Wanderful – Freenotion – The Wholesome Mama
End of Tour & Giveaway: Rebel & Malice
Thanks for stopping by. 
Stay Rebellious!


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