Time for School Capsule: Mini Collections

We are wrapping this bad boy up. I have been blown away by these ladies and their capsules. Seriously, they are machines and probably have teeny tiny aliens in a workshop working for them.
I am bringing you all the collections today because yesterday was a flop for me when my internet was down. seriously, did the world end. Ok, so I am not that bad when it comes to internet. I can sew or read or watch movies, but when it happens when I have things I HAVE to have done, I kind of freak out. So now that you know I am a freak and that my lack of internet may have given me a panic attack yesterday. You will be happy to know that I made up for that (once I claimed defeat for a few hours) to watch some terrible movies. Oh how I love terrible movies. So now we shall introduce these fabulous ladies!!

First we have Heather of Creative Bug. I am most excited about her capsule because she was sewing for her 11 year old son. A TWEEN capsule, everybody!!! You know how difficult that age starts to get, and I think she made a perfect little mini collection for a young guy who is creating his own style and personality. Read more HERE

Next up is my amazing buddy Katy of Wild & Wanderful. She is a geeky super smiley creative mama to one very energetic little boy. They always have the best geek fashion ever! Now this wasupposed to be a mini collection, but someone doesn’t know how to follow rules or be a minimalist. Seriously Katy, what the heck? She pretty much made like 4 mini collections. 25 pieces. Pure madness, right? Read more about her collection HERE

Our next amazing blogger is the Courtney of The Wholesome Mama. She made an adorable mini collection for her son with the right amount of fun, comfort and color. It all mixes and matches so well, and she even made use with some upcycling. Go see here post HERE

Our last, but not least, is the ever so talented and busy Becca of Freenotion. Why is she so amazing? Well, for one, she made 2 mini collections: one for her son and daughter. What?!?!! I don’t knwo how she does it all, but she does. You can see her chic and mostly unisex collections HERE

That is a wrap up of our tour. I am extending the giveaways until Friday at Noon, since my internet went wonky. Enter the Gleam giveaway below, and don’t forget to submit your link for the BIG giveaway. If you have it after the link party has closed, please email me your photo and link at dollofmalice@gmail.com for your entry.


Thanks for stopping by.

Stay Rebellious!


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