MandyK Pattern Hack: Cleopatra Cyan Lily

I love hacking patterns and making costumes. If I could do that all the time, I would. So when I found out that Mandy K designs was doing a pattern tour on hacking her designs into costumes or different looks, I jumped up and down ME ME ME!!! That seems to be the common theme right now, so don’t be surprised if I have some more posts like this coming soon.

I chose the Cyan Lily Dress for my inspiration. Originally I had lots of ideas for hacking the pattern into different looks. However, costume won over when the light bulb went off. Like in a cartoon light bulb moment. I pretty much perked up and sat up straight when the idea of Cleopatra came to me.

To get this look, I used the back for the front and back pieces. I added 1/2 in to both sides of the neck to make sure it could get over my daughter’s big head since I was using vegan leather and it would not have a lot of stretch. It would have probably been a better idea just to overlap on one side and close with a button or snap. Then for the front piece, I traced around the arm to make sure there was enough coverage from the front piece and place the front collar on top to figure out where the cut. The collar was the trickiest part trying to figure out. It isn’t perfect, but it works. I will definitely use a closure next time.

Then I made an A-line maxi skirt instead of the circle skirt. I attached a gold belt and the gold flap piece on top of the dress after sewing the dress pieces together. Add some cuffs and a cool cobra headdress with the essential Cleopatra makeup and you are all ready for Halloween.

Cleopatra says, “No more pictures, paparazzi or I shall call my mummies.”

You can see more inspiration below through October 12th! Use the code MKDblogtour2015 for 30% off. Valid through Oct 11th at Mandy K Designs

Sew Out of Control * Paisley Roots * Manning The Machine

Thanks for stopping by!

Stay Rebellious!


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