DIY Deer Costume

My youngest child is obsessed with all things animals. Her requested costume is a Fox, which you can find HERE. I will come back soon with some DIY details for that one soon. But since she has a love for animals, especially forest animals, she requested that I made her a deer unitard when I tested the Lucy’s Catsuit pattern from Cole’s Creations. The pattern is a perfect blank canvas for halloween.

Pattern Details:

Sizes 1/2-16y
No trim pages
3 different bodices
Quick and easy tutorial
Sewing with knits instructions

It is a long sleeve catsuit with a plain bodice, sweetheart bodice (pictured) or a V bodice. You need to use something with a 4 way stretch as it pulls up and down with no buttons, zippers, or velcro. I used a dark brown stretch velour/velvet and some white faux fur on the chest. The faux fur does not stretch, but the neck opening combined with the stretch was enough stretch for my daughter to get on and off. I glued some tiny white dots to the bum to get that spotted deer detail. Here is a quick template for a deer tail.

I drew this on an index card. I cut the white (the bottom piece) using this pattern. Then I cut the tan felt (middle piece) 1/4 in smaller than the template, and the brown (the top piece) 1/2 in smaller than the template. Remember to only cut them smaller along the side, not off the top. Then you can either glue the pieces together or sew them on top of one another along the edges. If you want a clean finish, cut a lining piece in white and sew the tail piece to the lining right sides together. Flip right side out and sew the tail to the back of the catsuit or put on a safety pin and pin to the back. 
I used a makeup tutorial for the deer makeup. The closest one to what I did was this one. Keep in mind mine was slightly less detailed as I was applying it to a 4 year old. 
The final touch were the antlers. For this quick antler crown, you will need some wired twine, and some twigs. Don’t forget your wire cutters for the twine. 
1. Get your supplies
2. Measure the twine around your head. Add an additional to that amount and cut the twine. 
3. Make sure your twigs are flat at the bottom so that nothing pokes your head. Wrap the twine around the twig tightly. 
4. Wrap the twine around one more time. Leave like this or twist the wire together one time so that the ends go to the opposite end that they were before. Repeat to other twig. 
5. Even out the twigs and twist the wire around to form the crown. 
6. Try on. Adjust as needed. Voila! You have your deer antlers. 
For my daughters hair, I gave her high pigtails and looped in the rubber band to form ears. You can add ears to your antler crown instead if you prefer. 

Thanks for stopping by!
I hope you can get some use out of this tutorial. There will be more coming soon. 
Stay Rebellious!

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