Mommy & Me Style: Valley Blouse

Cali Faye Collection released 2 new patterns, so that you and your little person can have the same style, or match if that is your thing… or just so that you can prepare for other little people in your life, shop, etc. Who knows. What I do know, is that the effortless chic style that Cali Faye is known for has once again been knocked out of the park! If you haven’t nailed down the style that Sarah creates, it is a relaxed modern take on the bohemian style. Clean lines, simplicity and nothing too restricting. This blouse is no different, and while I am always a little leery of the higher yokes on myself because I really fear wearing clothing relaxed over my torso. When you have BIG hips, you tend to do 2 things: Cover those suckers up with loose, drapey clothing OR accent your other body features. I fall into the latter. I try to accent my waist and legs. So for this blouse, I knew I needed to do something very filmy and thin. I found this navy blue sheer Georgette at Hobby Lobby with these gold flecks. I saw it a week before I got the call for testing and it was calling out my name. It turned out perfect. And yes, since I am member of the itty bitty committee, I do fancy wearing sheer shirts over a matching bra or bralette, I have no shame in it. If you like it, rock it.

TIPS: If you have a larger bust, I would suggest modifying the pattern a bit. Use something very thin that drapes well. You want the fluidity over the bust. Lengthen the bodice to fit over your bust. Adjust the shirt portion to be flatter instead of gathered and a line the skirt out so that it still flows out from the body. Try using a slinky fabric like a rayon jersey or ITY so that it stretches and lays over the body nicely.

My daughter’s blouse was a fabric remnant I had left from a dress I made. It is a ikat voile and it was perfect for the pattern. I lined the yoke with another fabric, but otherwise, I squeezed every last bit out of it.

Pattern details:


Sizes XXS (30 bust) – XXL (39.5 bust)
Lined yoke with scoop neck and button closure
Keyhole placket detail
Gathered shirt portion
Gathered long sleeve with button cuff
Designed for lightweight woven fabrics
Black and white pattern (no color ink needed)
Detailed tutorial with option for clean finishes inside garment
Intermediate level (could be adventurous beginner)


Sizes 2t-10y
Same details as women’s pattern

Price $12.99 Womens, $8.99 Girls

SALE: From NOW until October 26, 11:59 EDT  
enter the coupon code VALLEYBLOUSE for 30% off your entire purchase HERE
A little KCW Disguise: The placket portion is also a keyhole detail. Not enough to show skin, but just enough to have a fun detail.
Thanks for stopping by!
Stay rebellious!

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