M is for Moto Joggers Blog Tour

Have you ever wanted to try a cool trend for yourself, but are weary? I know I do all the time. I know what looks good on my body, and tend to work with that, but I’m also fickle and eclectic and a little fashion forward (in my mind) so I don’t have a style set in stone. I like to play with colors, textures, styles, etc. So with the jogger trend, I have been really shying away. I like the idea in theory for some better looking workout pants or lounge pants, but not as much for day wear. I am still not quite there. Joggers feel like pajamas to me. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I tend to overdress when it comes to day wear. Especially since SAHM has made my day out days much less. 
So when Hatchlings patterns reached out to blog her newest pattern for women, I said these look pretty cool. Why not? They are a Moto style jogger pant, with different length options and a plain jogger option. My son wears his Moto style joggers that I made him all the time so I was inspired to make my own version. I had just enough of the burgundy sweatshirt fleece and opted for some black vegan leather instead. I also saw these joggers that had zip cuffs and knew I wanted to try to incorporate that. The end result? Comfortable, yet edgy pants that make me feel like I am wearing pajamas. Score for this mom! Does this make me a cool Mom now? It does, to someone, right? Whatever you do… DO NOT ask the teen. He pretty much hates my guts these days. 
So details? You want those right?  
Pattern Details:
Sizes XXS-XL (34 in-44 in hip)
5 options, 4 lengths
Moto knee patch detail
Side seam pocket option
Athletic elastic waistband
Cuffed ankles/legs for capri and pant length
14 page instructions
25 pages to pattern
Black and white printing
Fitting & height instructions
Pages to print key
Changes I made:
Added a zipper to my cuff
Lowered the rise to be less drop crotch
Adjusted the crotch depth to suit my body
Used elastic channels instead of 2 inch elastic
Blended 2 sizes for my waist/hip measurements
Added 1.5 inches to accommodate my inseam/height
-Because of the drop crotch, I found the rise pretty high so if you are not into the drop crotch trend like me (well at least for hip-py people like me) you will find yourself pulling the joggers up into mom sweat pant territory. Do a seat measurement before making so that you can adjust to suit you.
-There are mods to this like the moto knee that include adding seam allowances so this is a pattern for someone who is comfortable making modifications and adding seam allowances, therefore, I consider this intermediate level.  
– For the best fit, measure, measure, measure. Waist, high hip, full hip, inseam, seat, even calf/thigh. I have a very large bum which you know if you read my women’s clothing posts, but I have a small waist, big thighs, then pretty small (in comparison) legs. So I started with a size M waist and graded to a XL hip, then once it was skimmed past the hip graded back down to a M so the pants would be the slim cut on my leg. I also made adjustments to the rise and crotch depth since I have a short crotch rise. 
Overall, I think it is a great pattern and well drafted for women’s bodies. The size span isn’t very big. It is probably the equivalent to a size 14/16 in US sizes. It is her first women’s pattern, but maybe you guys can convince her to grade to bigger sizes.
I will definitely be making this again. They are so fast and comfortable. And don’t forget to check out the other bloggers versions. 

And for fun, my little guy wanted us to take a photo together. He thinks they are cool and wasn’t weirded out by it at all. 

The pattern is currently on sale through 10/31 for $9 AUD which is around $6.50 USD. 

Thanks for stopping by my blog- especially if you stopped twice in one day 🙂
Stay Rebellious!

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