2nd Dia de los Muertos Tour: Day 7

The tour is almost over. Are you as blown away by the talent as I am? I feel like I have the best bloggy friends, but you know… we always say that. Dia de los Muertos has kicked off today. If you are fortunate enough to be in a region that celebrates it, be sure to stop by a festival to see the altarsa, dancers, adornments, and enjoy the foods and music. It is a very rich time, and many of these people just love to share their stories about their family members who have passed on if you take the time to speak with them. Since most of us are mothers, we all know how important our children are to us and how absolutely gut wrenching it is if they pass on before us. So today is the day we remember our children we have lost. The offerings will include toys, sweets, colorful clothes and paper, dancing, singing, and playful little jokes. It is never easy to grieve a child, but I think this is a way that helps parents deal with it, feel like they have moments still with their child, and get a glimpse at the joy their short life provided them. Death is a very hard topic for my husband’s side of the family, and I sometimes wonder how it would be if they had an outlet like this to express their love for ther loved ones. It feels like a very healthy way to remember them without allowing grief to take over your life. Plus, it addresses death in a healthy manner reminding us that death occurs all the time and takes all ages so we should enjoy our life with our family and friends, and we should realize that death is what we make of it.

Today, House of Estrela is sharing thsi beautiful cake she made which is perfect for the day. All those angelitos would love a piece of this cake. Click the photo to read more

Meet the bloggers who are joining the 2nd Dia de los Muertos tour. They will be bringing you a variety of inspired crafts, stories and a few freebies. Here is the full schedule if you missed a day.

Monday October 26 – Rebel & MaliceFrom a BoxSews n Bows
Tuesday October 27 – Call AjaireHattielu HandmadeMade With Moxie
Wednesday October 28 – Paisley RootsAmandaRosePhat Quarters
Thursday October 29 – Lulu & CelesteCalm and CarrionCraft Lady Abby
Friday October 30 – Whisk ‘EmGolden Rippy
Saturday October 31 – Just Add FabricFilles a Maman –  Wild & Wanderful 
Sunday November 1 – House of Estrela
Monday November 2 – Rebel & Malice

And my lovely friend Jeanine, from StitchART came up with this awesome free motion stitch embroidery pattern HERE to celebrate the Dia de los Muertos theme, and there are even pets included.YES, pets are definitely included in this holiday.
I will be getting mine as soon as I get my money mañana

Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter. There will be a small giveaway for a copy of the DVD “The Book of Life”  and a copy of the book “Rosita y Conchita” by Erich Haeger and Eric Gonzalez. These are not affiliated with this blog or giveaway.

Due to the nature of the giveaway, the book and DVD will only be available to residents of the United States and Canada. There will be a separate giveaway for any digital items such as PDF patterns or gift cards.

a Rafflecopter giveaway//widget-prime.rafflecopter.com/launch.js

a Rafflecopter giveaway//widget-prime.rafflecopter.com/launch.js

Don’t forget to check in daily for some more amazing projects. My girls are amazing!

Thanks for stopping by.

Stay rebellious!


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