2nd Annual Dia de los Muertos Tour Round Up and Tutorial

Thank you so much for joining in reading along this tour. It holds a very special meaning to me, and many many thanks to Stacey of From a Box for not letting me forget to schedule it! Besos! My mind likes to have so many things going on at once, so when I was trying to decide on what to make, it was everywhere! I wanted to make a marigold tutorial so I hope there isn’t one similar already. If so, sorry! We can share the wealth, right? The marigold can be used for decoration, hair, etc. For me, I used it to adorn the pillow that I made. I am also making more for my daughters hair and my son’s to pin to their shirts. They woke up so excited for today. And that right there, is what makes this holiday so important to us. They have lost both their grandpas in the last 3 years. The anniversary of my father passing will be coming up in a few days. Their other grandpa just passed in May. And their grandma’s birthday is today, who passed away 11 years ago.We also have a very very special man who was in my family for a short time, my brother in law. But he was the best husband, uncle, brother, son, nino, friend. He just lit up any place that he touched. It always makes me sad when people like that lose their lives so soon, but it also reminds me that no matter how short their life is, they all serve a very special purpose in our lives. So today, we will eat, drink and reflect on our family. There may be some tears, there will be some laughter, and most of all, there will be the sharing of the memories of those we hold dearly.

First, here is a round up of the talented bloggers and designers who joined the tour.

Aren’t they fantastic?! They definitely honored the traditions of the holiday and I loved how many of them embraced learning about the culture of this vibrant holiday. 
I had a latecomer who crashed the party- but she is my homie and she pretty much kicks ass at everything she does so I am going to share her link here as well:
FreeNotion made this beautiful hoodie which you will have to read more about after you click her photo
I know! She is simply amazing! Now to go on to the little tutorial I made for you. I wanted something I could add to my home and ofrenda as we try to gather a little something together for our family. It has this quote, that to me really embodies the meaning of death to me and my family. I really truly think that while death is sad because we have lost people we love in our lives, I also think it is very beautiful because sometimes we truly don’t appreciate ourselves or others until we experience a death close to our heart. Sometimes we don’t truly live until we brush with death. So in that sense, I think death awakens us and reminds us that life is temporary, but death is forever. 
This printable includes a quote to can add to a frame, print on fabric, or use as a template for embroidery. Just click the photo and save as.
Then I used some muslin fabric and printed the quote on it. I was originally going to embroider it, but decided that I liked the way the ink looked. If you want to print on fabric, HERE is a great tutorial on how to do it. 
I printed this on a piece of fabric the same size as a piece of 8 x 11 paper. Then I created a frame of fabric in my skull print around the quote. There are no exact measurements, but my pillow ended up being 16 in wide by 13 in long. I made a yellow and orange marigold out of knit scraps and placed them on opposite corners of the pillow. I love the way it framed it and the pop of color it gives to a print many would find dark. 
Now for the marigold tutorial: 
Felt or fabric
Needle and thread
For these flowers, the more petals you cut, the fuller and bigger the flower will be. So I recommend cutting 12-16 of each of the petal size. 
1. Cut out the amount of petals you would like. You will need at least 12 of each size. You can trace the pieces. I just hold the template over a few pieces of fabric and cut. Felt, you can only cut about 3 layers at a time. 
2. Thread a needle and make a big knot. Start with the smallest petals and string them along the thread. Pull all the way through to the knot and push so that it creates gathers or petals. 
3. Pull the petals around to form a circle and knot the circle in place. This will form the middle of your flower. 
4. Continue repeating steps 2 & 3 with the next size of petals until you have all the petals gathered to form a flower. 
5. Pull the thread through 2-3 layers of the gathers so that the petals stay joined together going all around the petals. Knot once you have made sure the flower is pulled tightly together. 
Option 2: Cut a circle and hot glue the bottom of the flower to that. 
6. Your marigolds are complete and ready for the festivities. 

Thank you so much for reading along for this celebration with me. I hope you enjoyed the posts and learned some new things about Dia De los Muertos.
Stay rebellious!

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