Wear to Where: Plum Sunday Brunch

So once upon a time I met this wild redhead with the most giant smile ever. And by met, I talk to her online. After I may have sort of stalked her photos online. Then I discovered she has a blog. And a business. And just all around awesome family. Guess who that chica is? The mastermind behind this tour. In case you don’t know, she is Katy (not to be confused with Katy Perry because apparently she hates her. How could you?!) and her bloggy world is Wild + Wanderful. She teamed up with her fashion blogger friend Gardening in High Heels to gather together the sewing bloggers and fashion bloggers and create outfits based on a theme. Oh fun times! Well except for the part where we are side by side with fashion bloggers. Ha!

For those of you who are new… I’m Melissa and this is my little creative place where I sew A LOT!

And now here is my story: Once upon a time there was a girl woman named Melissa. She was notorious for dressing up every occasion possible. She was always overdressed and loved any excuse to put on her best everything. Now don’t get it twisted, this wasn’t ball gowns to the park. But if everyone else were wearing jeans, she was wearing a skirt, red lipstick and an up-do. We blame it on her Latina. Seriously, check out how many Latinas leave the house in normal shoes, no makeup and their jammies. Nope, not happening. I mean, she could have been a telenovela star the way she dressed some days. Minus the perfect body and mile high heels. She stuck with a much more realistic 5 inch heel, thank you.

So then she met a jock, and tried dressing down. Denim mini skirts and dark denim. Say what? Maybe some cork heel wedges and blinged out flip flops. OMG, what has happened? Guess what though, she was still the most overdressed woman at the softball field on those weekends, nights, almost entire month. Then Melissa had a child, and still held it down. She had another child. Oh no girl, we aren’t going down like that. Baby number 3, and she was working retail pregnant in heels selling the heck out of those maternity clothes. Because, you know… she overdressed because she loved it. 2 more babies arrived and she had finally warmed up to denim, but only if it was dark and in one piece. No ripped designer denim for her. Feet kind of went away and she warmed up to low heels (3 inches, yes that is low) ballet flats, and boots. Skirts and dresses were replaced by leggings and skinny jeans. But wait, don’t you worry. Melissa may be a mother of 5, but if she knew she was leaving the house for an outing with the husband or the girls, there were no boundaries.

So wouldn’t you know that she may have gotten a little carried away when her theme was “Brunch with the Girls?” She fancies short or tight skirts, crop tops, and exposed shoulders. It’s fall so she needed to sort of be warmish, but still feel fancy… and then she decided that the perfect outfit would be a box pleat mini skirt (Miriam Skirt pattern) and an off shoulder long sleeve top (All Wrapped up Sweater mashed with Off Shoulder Peplum *affiliate link*) paired with some opaque tights and pumps. Those shoes were a last resort because the shoe collection has dwindled AND been taken over by her 3 daughters. She has dubbed this “Sunday Brunch with the Girls if your girls were really awesome and not hateful witches” because her friends that have all left to other states, love that she is always dressed up and a mom. It also makes her feel good that she is only stuck in her momiform 90% of the time. And that is how she dresses to eat brunch with the girls (hopefully kid free)

Ugh, what do you mean I am overdressed for brunch?
Outfit details:
Shirt: EYMM Off shoulder peplum with George & Ginger All Wrapped Up Sweater
Fabric: Purple 4 way lycra knit from Purpleseamstress
Skirt: Reyna Lay designs Miriam Skirt
Fabric: Dear Stella Sunday Monday morning impressions from Mama Made & Beautiful 
Tights: Purple opaque tights from my growing stash. Source unknown
Shoes: Black closed toe platform pumps (Carlos Santana brand score from Ross years ago)

Now if you are interested in the sewing details, here you go. The skirt is a box pleat skirt made with the Miriam Skirt pattern from Reyna Lay Designs. I used View A in a Dear Stella cotton.

Changes Made:
Cut the waist at 6 long to be higher waisted
Added a canvas in waistband for added stability
Cut a slight hi low in front to accommodate for my booty lifting in the back
Used regular zipper
My waist measures at 29-30 in. I cut according to the size 6 to make sure my waistband fit. It was just tight enough. Probably uncomfortable for most, but I tend to like to feel almost corseted in flat waistbands.

The top was a mash up of patterns. REMIXXXXXX! I tried out a new designer intending to use it for this, which is the All Wrapped Up Sweater from George & Ginger, but it didn’t end up being the right vision I had. However, it was still the perfect base for what I was thinking. So I used the wrap piece from the Sweater wrap pattern, and heavily modified the EYMM Off shoulder Peplum. To accomplish this look, I needed to hack off the shoulders more and create a v-neckline. Then I need to match the middle points of the wrap and the back of the shirt. This allows me to see where the wrp should start to overlap. I pinned those places so that I could properly sew the edges that will wrap. However, this was not necessary for the fabric I was working with. Then I cross the pieces over and basted in between the side seams until I found the right fit. Sorry I don’t have photos for this right now. I will be redoing this very soon with a full photo tutorial. And then voila, I have a off shoulder shawl style shirt that allows me to have coverage and movement. No T Rex arms!!!

If you would like to follow these designers, here are their groups. This where you will find all the sales (like Manic Monday at EYMM) pattern testing calls, free patterns, giveaways and posts about contests and sew alongs.

EYMM Facebook Group
George & Ginger (she has 2 free patterns as she prepares for her launch)
Reyna Lay Designs (she also has a free pattern coming)

Be sure to head over to Wild+Wanderful or Gardening in High Heels to check out the other brilliant bloggers, sewists and stylistas on the tour, as well as be able to link up your own looks and show us what you would Wear to Where!
Now let’s talk giveaway prizes for this tour!!
For the sewists:
Choice of 3 patterns from Cole’s Creations, Choice of 3 patterns from Made for Mermaids, Pattern of choice from Patterns for Pirates, Pattern of choice from Scientific Seamstress, Sewing-tee of choice from Sewing Stadium, Pattern of choice from Simple Life Pattern Co, Pattern of choice from StitchArt
For the Fashionistas: Set of 6 cards from Designs by Nicolina, 30 minute Social Media/Copy Consult by Gardening in High Heels, Tee of choice from Handmade Escapade, $20 Store Credit from Jenny Penny Designs, Tumbler from Joy+Tren
A big thanks to our amazing sponsors!
Cole’s Creations | Designs by Nicolina | Gardening in High Heels
Handmade Escapade | Jenny Penny Designs | Joy+Tren
Made for Mermaids | Patterns for Pirates | Scientific Seamstress
Sewing Stadium | Simple Life Pattern Co | Stitch Art
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Thanks for stopping by here!
Stay rebellious!

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